10 clothes to eliminate in Spring/Summer Make space in your closet!

Spring has finally arrived, “I hope I am right”, and we will have to remove all the autumn/winter clothes to make way for the more spring and summer clothes. We always find clothes that are with us 12 months of the year, but there are others that we don’t need to keep in the closet. That is why I want to help you make more space in your closet for this Spring/Summer.

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As I said before, we have many clothes that we are not going to use this Spring/Summer season and that, in addition, take up a lot of space in our closet, preventing new clothes from entering and making us much more complicated, each time tomorrow, the choice of our look. Today I want to talk about XX types of garments that can safely disappear from our closet. Let’s start!

1. Sweaters

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First of all the typical winter sweaters. They are thick sweaters, like the ones I show you in the photograph. A type of garment that we do not need to have in our closet in this hot season, since all they will do is bulk up in our closet and they will not work for any spring/summer look. My recommendation is that we take them out of the closet, wash them and store them in boxes.

2. Sweatshirts

Just like winter sweaters. The typical hooded sweatshirts,… which are thicker, are garments that are used for winter. Surely you have more than one in the closet, well, nothing, to wash and a box. You will see how much space you will have in your closet when you get rid of the winter sweatshirts!

3. Coats

Why do we want coats with warm layers for spring or summer? The coats are garments that, with total security, we will not use until mid-October beginning of November. So the coats we can keep them. One piece of advice: Before you put your coats away, take them to the dry cleaners. You will see how happy it gives you, when you have to use them, that they are completely clean.

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4. Winter Shirts

Winter shirts, that are chubby or have fabrics that are not very breathable and that have muted colors. We don’t need this type of shirt in spring or summer, when our goal is to be as cool as possible. Use shirts with finer fabrics such as linen, … more typical of good weather. We do the same as the previous ones, we wash them and put them in a box.

5. Wool garments

Wool garments are garments that take up a lot in the closet because they have a thick fabric and, surely, we are not going to use them. So too, we wash them and put them in another box.

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6. Hats, gloves and scarves

It is impossible for you to wear Hats, gloves and scarves in spring or summer. Although it may not seem like it, they take up a lot of space in the closet and drawers, which we could take advantage of to store our t-shirts or summer shirts, for example. We wash these accessories and put them in another box.

7. Pants

The same thing that happens with sweaters, coats, … happens with pants. How many pants will you have in the closet with a thick fabric? For example, micro corduroy pants or even jeans that are thick fabric. Well, all those kinds of pants, which tend to be in dull colors inappropriate for spring and summer, into the washing machine and into a box.

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8. Boots and Booties

Boots and ankle boots are garments that take up a lot of space in the closet. They are inappropriate for spring and summer. They are for seasons in which cold and rain take over the days. For this reason, we clean them, we leave them very beautiful and to one or more boxes, the ones you need.

9. Fat Socks

Why would you want, in the middle of spring or summer, to put on thick socks? The only thing you are going to achieve with this type of garment is to literally cook your foot. So, like the rest of the winter clothes, we wash the thick socks and put them in a box. We take advantage of the space it has left for summer socks.

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10. Pajamas

Pajamas are the great forgotten items in closets. Long-sleeved pajamas, long pajama bottoms are going to be replaced by pajamas more typical of the spring/summer seasons.

So far the 10 clothes that you can easily get rid of your closet. Make way for others that you are going to use more. To the box with them!

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