Zombie The Walking Dead costume for Halloween 2022

Have you already decided what you are going to dress up as this Halloween 2022? If you want a fashionable costume that is also very scary, I recommend that you sign up for the trend of looking like one of the zombies from “The Walking Dead”, the most successful series this year and that can serve as inspiration for you. May next October 31 scare everyone who passes by you like never before. Below in Modaellos, we explain how to make The Walking Dead Zombie costume for Halloween 2022.

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Zombie The Walking Dead costume for Halloween 2022

The popularity that the series of “The Walking Dead” currently has has caused many people to decide to buy a zombie costume like the ones we see on the screen, but perhaps it is a better idea that we do it ourselves since It will be much more fun and we will also save money.

Making a The Walking Dead costume is not a complicated task, if we opt for a costume that is easy to get and “customize” to look like a zombie and we focus more on makeup.

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If you want to be able to dress up as a zombie this Halloween 2022, all you need are some old clothes that can be torn, some black base, an old towel, flour, water, and food coloring.

We are going to give you the step-by-step on how to get The Walking Dead zombie costume so be careful and we recommend that you do it with enough time, at least a couple of days in advance, since it needs time to dry.

Zombie The Walking Dead costume for Halloween 2022 | clothing

Choose a shirt and pants and rip them just enough to make them look like they’re dusted. Mix flour and water in the sink or a bathtub. This mix should be very wet. Dip the clothes in this mixture a couple of times, take them out, squeeze them well and add them back to the mixture so that they soak up the flour and water well.

After a few times, hang the clothes out to dry. Do not rinse, as this will dry the flour on the cloth. The clothes will look much worse (that’s the goal) as they dry.

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Zombie The Walking Dead costume for Halloween 2022 | shoes

Use an old pair of sneakers or shoes, that you can break. Alternatively, take an old towel and cut it into strips about an inch wide and the length of the entire towel. Dip this in water with red food coloring and let it air dry. Tie these straps around your shoes to make it look like you have blood on your shoes and feet.

Zombie The Walking Dead costume for Halloween 2022 | Hair

Now after having clothes and shoes we explain how you have to comb your hair to be a proper zombie. Moisten the hair, not to the point where it is completely wet, but just enough that it has a little bit of moisture to it.

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Next, take the flour and run it through your hair and rub it with your fingers to make it look like you have unkempt dreadlocks.

Zombie The Walking Dead costume for Halloween 2022 | makeup

This is an important step; The first thing you have to do is moisten your face and pour the powdered flour everywhere. Make a thick paste of flour and water and place a few lumps on different areas of your face. Let it dry completely and become cracked, giving it the look of undead skin.

Use a black base to make a shadow under your eyes. For the lips, it is best to make a mixture of flour and water without becoming a thick mass, add a few drops of red food coloring to the mixture and you will see how you will create a kind of fake blood (which you can also put on clothes ).

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Squirt drops of this mixture around your mouth to make it look like you just ate someone

If you wish, buy some contact lenses to give your appearance a more realistic effect. Now your zombie face and hair are complete. Close your eyes and lightly spray hairspray over your hair to keep it in place.

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