Zombie makeup, Frankenstein and Werewolf man for Halloween 2022

After having given you ideas and having talked about makeup for men and For Halloween 2022, we are now going to see three specific types of makeup for this celebration and that will help you to dress up in an original and terrifying way. Next in Modaellos, Zombie makeup, Frankenstein and Werewolf man for Halloween 2022.

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Man zombie makeup for Halloween 2022

The zombie costume is perhaps one of the most that occurs when Halloween arrives. We can manage to dress like a zombie by simply choosing clothes that are old and that look dirty since it is a costume in which makeup is what will make the difference.

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For zombie makeup, the key will be to give your face an emaciated appearance, with dark circles, wounds, and of course, with some blood.

Steps to wear zombie makeup:

  • Apply a light foundation to the entire face and the nape of the neck to achieve an emaciated paleness.
  • Placed under a good light, begin to apply eye shadow to give the effect of sunken areas of the face, such as the eye sockets and in the shadow area, find the shadows that are created with the light on your face and darken them.
  • Make up your eyes completely black, but without going overboard. Make it look like the eye sockets have shrunk by about an inch. To do this, you must darken the middle corners and inside the eyes more, and thus you can accentuate the natural shadows, which you must darken a little less.
  • Use baby powder on your face to make your skin look dull and very white. Apply more to the forehead and cheekbones and add some green eyeshadow to contrast with the white of the talcum powder. It also covers the eyebrows
  • Apply the solid red lipstick to parts where you will later apply fake blood on your lips and apply some dabs of purple or off-white or brown lipstick to make it look like the blood is a bit more dry and realistic.

If you want to give it a much more realistic touch, similar to that of The Walking Dead zombies, all you need is some contact lenses that you can buy in specialized stores.

Frankenstein makeup for Halloween 2022

Frankenstein is another “monster” that usually occurs a lot when Halloween arrives. You can do the costume with a suit or turtleneck sweater, which thanks to the “traditional” image is the “look” that always comes to mind, but also the makeup also stands out a lot.

Obviously, when thinking of Frankenstein, the color green comes to mind, but we don’t just have to limit ourselves to painting in this tone and that’s it. It’s a bit more elaborate.

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Steps to wear Frankenstein makeup:

  • Start by applying a green base all over the face, and also the neck.
  • Mix purple and black eyeshadow to create “bags” under the eyes and on the upper part of the eyelids. Extend the circle to the top of the brows, and make the brows wider as well.
  • With a brush and black makeup you should mark the expression lines of the face, and then blend a little over the green base so that it is not too noticeable.
  • With red paint, mixed with shades of gray or a dark tone, you can draw a scar, or several.
  • To finish, don’t forget to use some screws, as large as possible, to place us in the neck area.

Werewolf Makeup for Halloween 2022

The key to the werewolf costume, and in fact, to his makeup, will be to be able to make your appearance look like a wild animal, so hair, beard and facial hair are more than essential.

The simple option is to buy a werewolf mask, period, but if you want you can look much more natural with disheveled hair, with a beard (which can be yours or fake) and also with a little makeup to simulate the features of a wolf.

Steps to wear Werewolf makeup:

  • The first thing you should do is choose a makeup that is a light shade, mixed with some green or a darker shade, and apply it to the face as a base.
  • Once the base is applied, we start with the eyebrows. Take a black pencil and mark them more. Then take an eyebrow comb or one that is small (even eyebrow tweezers will work) and ruffle them up so that it creates an effect as if you have huge eyebrows.
  • With dark shadow, you should apply makeup to the central area of ​​the forehead just where the hair begins to form a triangle so that you create an effect as if you have lower growth and more hair.
  • On the cheekbones you should apply some dark shadow from the face upwards. With a gel eyeliner you can make up small marks on the forehead and some of the cheekbones so that it looks like you have facial hair all over your face.
  • On the eyes, apply a brown shadow (quite a lot) so that you give a deeper effect to the eyes, apply it on the movable eyelid (above). With an eyeliner you can outline the eye so that it looks much more marked.
  • The nose, if you want, you can paint it black, so that it looks like that of a wolf or it is better that you mark the lines with a black shadow and in this way it will be better defined.
  • You can darken the beard and don’t forget the ears, which must be pointed so it’s best to buy some at a costume store.

Werewolf makeup video:

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