Zero Mercadona Shampoo: Dangers, alternatives and contraindications

Today we want to talk about the Zero Mercadona Shampoo and give an answer to all those people who are having problems with it and who they ask if it is as abrasive as they say. Is Mercadona shampoo really toxic and dangerous? We will give answer.

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What harmful ingredients does the Zero Mercadona Shampoo have?

As you can see, one of the main ingredients of the Mercadona Zero Shampoo that appears in the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is “sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate”. This shampoo is promoted as an ecological and Sulfate-Free Shampoo. The first thing that catches our attention and what we must warn about is that the first ingredient does not appear in Spanish, and the second is of a synthetic type.

Another of the main ingredients that appears in the INCI is “peg 7 glyceryl cocoate”. It does not appear in Spanish either, but as we can see by analyzing it in more detail, it is an “ethoxy compound, Glycol, Synthetic Polymer” that serves to promote the formation of intimate mixtures between immiscible liquids, altering the interfacial tension (water and oil).

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If we continue to analyze the ingredients, it contains several ingredients that are not considered innocuous and that reach orange and red light levels.

Are the synthetic ingredients of Mercadona Zero Shampoo toxic and abrasive?

In the end we get what we pay for. Mercadona has tried to launch a very cheap shampoo by announcing it as sulfate-free, but it is obvious that when the price is very low, its ingredients are synthetic and sometimes they are not harmless to our body. The majority of customer opinions warning that the Zero mercadona shampoo is abrasive, irritating, etc. is due to the fact that it is being applied to all kinds of people and even to children without realizing that these synthetic ingredients can become a problem. . Especially for sensitive people, with seborrheic dermatitis problems or even children.

We can also see that it is not only about the ingredients that we have mentioned before. Here would be a complete list of the ingredients of the Shampoo that can be harmful. Note that we are talking about 7 ingredients that can be irritating or harmful to hair, hair roots, or scalp. Very careful.

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Alternatives to Mercadona Zero Shampoo

If you want a quality shampoo, we would recommend opting for a manufacturer with guarantees. In our analysis of the best sulfate-free and non-toxic shampoos, you can see a wide variety of alternatives from manufacturers who opt for top-level natural products. They are sulfate-free and non-toxic shampoos, which also tend to avoid other types of irritants such as salt, dyes or parabens. As you can see in the article, we stayed with the Dalire brand, which also has different formulations depending on your hair type. One of their most acclaimed is their sulfate-free purple shampoo to keep dyed blonde hair vibrant.

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