Want to be a model? We tell you what you need to know

And today in Moda Ellos, we want to give you the steps and what you need to know to be a male model. Want to be a model? This is what you need to know. The modeling career takes a lot of work, motivation and a great sense for business. For those of you who are willing to follow a health regime, find and establish relationships with good contacts, it may be possible to make a name for yourself in the fashion industry.

Requirements to be a top model

The world of fashion is a very complicated world, where for the most part it is focused on women, but there are also male models, obviously. If you think you have a good physique and your dream is to be a model and walk on the best catwalks, at ModaEllos we help you so that you know how to start in this complex sector from the beginning.

Even though it’s hard to enter this world, it’s not impossible, so don’t be discouraged. To be a male top model you have to start the same as any woman in the world of modeling, following the same paths and having the same opportunities.

And just like women, being a male model does not only mean having a perfect body (natural or gym) and a perfect face, there are many more requirements that you must take into account and that we are going to mention throughout of the article, such as:

  • Union of image, motivation, attitude and character.
  • Personality and maturity when making decisions.
  • Know how to invest your time and money well.
  • Availability to travel both nationally and internationally.
  • Surround yourself with the right people when seeking advice about this world.
  • Networking and building a fan base.
  • Have a business vision to increase your opportunities for press campaigns.
  • Creation of a contact list.
  • Design of a business card to deliver to your contacts.

Being a man, age should not worry you so much, since, unlike women, male models start their career later, such as around 17 and 20 years of age, something that is late for women . There are even men who are still working at the age of 30, an age at which women retire from this world.

But what you do have in common with women’s fashion is that you will work in a world that is not eternal, but quite the opposite, because it will last as long as your beauty lasts. So when you think about dedicating yourself to it, keep in mind an alternative for when you have to leave this sector, whether or not it is related to fashion. We always recommend having some studies that can help you at this point.

Like any start in a type of job, and also on your own, another requirement will be the need to invest money, either to make photo books, travel and attend castings, buy clothes, etc.

Requirements to be a model

What we are going to see next are a series of requirements that, although they are not official, are the advice that any agent will give you if you want to succeed in this sector:

  • Follow a good diet.

Your body, in this case, is essential for your work so you should take maximum care of yourself. Stay away from miracle diets or those based on few foods. Follow a healthy and balanced diet always with foods such as vegetables, meat, fruits and fish. If at any time you must lose weight, it is recommended that you go to a professional, such as a nutritionist, who will guide you to achieve it in the healthiest way.

  • Practice exercise

Continuing with a healthy lifestyle, you must keep in mind the need to practice sports, but also correctly. That is, we do not advise you to focus on some parts of your body so that they stand out more, but rather that you exercise everything in full to show off a harmonic structure. The best thing you can do is also ask a professional for advice, such as a trainer.

  • Stop to think about yourself

It is necessary that both before and during your process to be a model you have time to analyze yourself and find your weaknesses and strengths in order to be more sure of yourself and know where you want to direct your steps within the world of fashion, having considering how wide it is.

  • Professionalism

No matter how small your first steps and jobs as a model may be, you must give them the necessary importance and dedicate yourself to them with absolute professionalism, since your future will largely depend on it. Also, never knowing who might be present at any moment and taking note of your attitude.

  • Respect and dedication

Making a name for yourself in the world of fashion and getting recognition requires respect, dedication and effort, just like any other type of job. For this reason, we advise you to be constant with your work, do not neglect any aspect, and do not get discouraged when you do not find the opportunities you are looking for, you must be prepared for rejection, since it is a very competitive world.

How to be a model at 14 years old

If you are thinking of being a model or you want your son or daughter to dedicate himself to this world and he is a minor, you should know first of all that some organizations are regulating this issue in several countries. In the US, the Council of Designers of America (CFDA) established a few years ago that minors who work as models must work a few hours, be accompanied by a guardian and receive special treatment.

You should also know that there are different types of modeling for which different requirements are needed:

  • Haute couture models: not less than 1.80 m tall, slim and toned body. They often walk designer catwalks or work for editorial photo shoots.
  • Plus-size models: They are also not less than 1.80 m, but they may be taller and have a less shaped body. I remember the male tendency to be a “fofisano”.
  • Catalog models: they fall within a broader range of modeling, from magazines, catalogs to advertisements, therefore the necessary requirements also vary.
  • Models of specific parts: being a minor and having to dedicate yourself to studies, you can also value starting in this world being a model of body parts, such as hands. In this sense, the requirements are not usually very strict either.

Here we show you more requirements that you must take into account, such as making a photographic book, essential in your career as a model, contacting agencies, attending castings and maintaining a healthy weight, among other issues.

What you need to know to be a model

In this article we want to give you the answers to questions about male modeling. Today, many people believe that to be a model you must have a very harmonious face and a good figure, something that is partly false, if that were the case, the fashion world would be full of top models, and it is not so. You can check it in the video.

The standards of the Men’s Fashion Industry

  • The height standard is, in Spain, 1.80 meters.
  • Male models usually find work until they are 50 years old.
  • Men who are between 15 and 25 years of age are considered young.
  • Men who are between 25 and 35 years of age are considered adults.
  • The weight is between 64 kilos, up to 74 kilos.
  • That one thing is clear to you, if you are one of the most “lanky”, or the largest or smallest, does not mean that you cannot model. The world of fashion is always in continuous change and they look for something different every time, you can be the one they are looking for.

What kind of model do you want to be?

  • Model promoting accessories and clothing.
  • Haute couture model that works together with great designers.
  • Editorial model of certain publications.
  • Catwalk model for fashion shows.
  • Exhibition model for parties and boutiques.
  • Model for catalogues.
  • Promotion model for trade fairs or conventions.
  • Model for parts of the body: hands, legs, necks…
  • Model to represent the people of the street, the common one.

Tip: Move to a big and important city

You will have many more job opportunities, in the fashion industry, in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​New York, Milan, Paris…

Make a professional photo book

  • Find a photographer who has value for money.
  • You must make sure that he takes photos of your face and a lot of full body photos.
  • That the photos are different, include full-body photos in underwear, with a shirt, …
  • Includes an additional photo in casual clothing and another in more serious clothing or in a suit.
  • Always look for comfortable impressions.

Search for agents

  • Start online search.
  • Have your book ready.
  • Arrange interviews with agencies that have a good reputation.
  • Talk to other models and pay attention to those who recommend you.

You should consider your career in the world of fashion as a business

  • The decision for the world of fashion is like any business decision.
  • Arrive on time to your appointments.
  • Be always courteous and very professional with all the contacts you have.
  • Consider seeing a professional trainer and a good dietician.

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