Do you iron your hair? The new trend for the perfect finish

Men, why not say it, begin to dedicate as much or more time than they They are used by women for their personal grooming and this is the case of those of us who use hair irons to straighten or even wave it, obtaining hairstyles with which we feel more comfortable and make us feel much more confident. In today’s article, do you iron your hair? The new trend for the perfect finish.

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The time is over when it was only the woman who took care of herself. Now there are more men who like to look good and project a good image abroad. And since fashion is not only about clothes, we want to give you advice so that you look in the best possible way. That’s why we want to talk to you about the trick of using a hair straightener, which few men know about and with which your hair will look its best.

What is a hair straightener

A hair straightener is an electrical device that is used to straighten and shape our hair. These irons began almost anonymously, but today they have become a daily artifact for many women and are gradually entering the world of men’s care. With the advancement of technology, these flat irons have improved both visually and in quality.

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Parts of an iron

The handle is usually made of rubber or hard plastic, as these are materials that do not conduct heat.

Then, the iron has what are known as plates, which are two and are used to iron the hair. Plates can be:

  • Ceramic, a very delicate material that allows the iron to heat evenly. With ceramic, the hair will be damaged less.
  • Steel, very resistant over time but harmful to the head. As it is a material that tends to heat up easily, it reaches high temperatures in a very short time and, for this reason, it is strongly discouraged, since it ruins the hair by burning it.
  • Titanium, perhaps the most durable of all the materials used. It reaches high temperatures evenly without damaging the hair, they stop nothing.
  • Teflon, resistant to high temperatures, which allows the hair to slide more easily.

Care for your hair

You may have never used a hair straightener so if you are determined to use it to get that always desired “look” with respect to your hair, you should know that first of all, you need to apply a series of care so that the resulting ironing is perfect. Let’s see what they are:

Head wash

First of all it is important to wash your hair well. With a good moisturizing shampoo and of course, with a conditioner.

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Clean hair is the ideal state of hair for the iron. Ironing dirty hair will only make it look dull and brittle.

Dry hair well

It is also important that the hair is completely dry before applying the iron, but without overusing it when it comes to using the dryer. He thinks that the use of a dryer + iron is a use of heat that is too harmful for the hair.

That is why we recommend that you shower or wash your hair in time. Once washed, you wrap it in a towel, and let it dry on its own, so that in about 20 minutes you will notice that it is completely dry.

If it has not dried completely, you can finish drying it with the dryer, but without going overboard and with a minimum power.

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Protects hair

Regarding hair straighteners to achieve a more or less perfect straightening, the most recommended and I think necessary is to protect the hair from the heat to which it is going to be subjected. This is important, because even if we don’t use the iron every day (which isn’t good either, you have to let your hair breathe, let it repair itself), the heat will always be an attack, just like the dryer.

Therefore, if we iron it, we will spray two or three times on the hair, some product to protect the hair, depending on the length we have.

Adjust the iron well

Once the product in question has been applied, we will comb it and begin to iron it. It is also important to know that the plates can usually be regulated, so if it is in your decision, always take a prudent temperature of between 160º and 180º. Keep in mind that everything will depend on whether you have curly hair or not, because in that case you will need to apply more heat.

End conditioner

It is good, before ironing, to use the conditioner for the ends, which will be the driest area, and because you have to avoid the roots so as not to grease the hair. A few hazelnuts in the mask can replace the conditioner, but we cannot use it more than once a week.

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How to use the Hair Straightener

Once we have seen all the hair care to be able to iron the hair correctly, let’s see how to proceed when using the iron.

    Comb dry hair well so that it does not have any tangles.
  • If you have long or medium-length hair, it will be good for you to know that it is better to divide or separate the hair into strands.
  • In this way, take a lock of your hair between one or two centimeters wide and begin to iron it to your liking. In the event that your objective is to straighten it completely, it is best to pass the iron straight from the roots to the tips, always as gently as possible.
  • On the other hand, in the case of wanting to iron only one part, for example for the bangs or for the asymmetrical haircut in which you must keep the central part raised. You must take the lock of hair to iron and thus iron as we have indicated.

Now you know how to take care of it and what to do to iron your hair well step by step, isn’t it easy? You will only have to choose a good iron in the case of not having one yet. Let’s see below which are the best:

The best irons on the market

To this day, these are the best hair straighteners you can buy. They all sell it, if you’re interested, on Amazon.

Kipozi Titanium Iron

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Kipozi is a brand that has recently gained special relevance when it comes to hair straighteners. Their products are good and among the different irons they have, we opted for the model that has titanium plates since it will iron your hair more easily, in less time and without getting too hot.

  • Kizopi hair straightener

It also has a modern design, with a digital screen, and can reach up to 230º of temperature.

Remington S9500 Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron

The Remington brand is also well known. In this case we have a ceramic model that allows the iron to heat up more quickly but without damaging the hair.

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The Remington S9500 is easy to use. Only three buttons, on or off, as well as one to raise the heat or lower the temperature that can reach up to 235º.

  • Remington S9500 hair straightener

Rowenta Optiliss Elite SF3122E0 iron

We also have to recommend this Rowenta model that has a keratin coating so that the heat on the hair is not so high. It can reach up to 230º of temperature and on the other hand, it has a floating (lower) plate so that it adjusts better to thicker locks to guarantee better straightening.

  • Rowenta Optiliss Elite SF3122E0 iron

And after seeing this, are you going to start ironing your hair? Leave us your doubts and impressions. If you want to be aware of the trends in haircuts or fashion in general, visit our home page.

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