Wilkinson Xtreme 3, the disposable blade that we missed

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Our shaving routine always needs a friend who is safe and very reliable. A premise that Wilkinson shares in all its products but that becomes more evident, even more so, in the design of its disposable Xtreme 3 Sensitive. That reinforces its plastic finishes, non-slip and ergonomic rubber, to achieve greater support when using the razor.


The Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Sensitive disposable razor has a flexible pivoting head and 3 blades with a lubricating band of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This razor is very manageable thanks to its 10 grams of weight that makes it irreplaceable, standing out among its competitors.

Wilkinson’s Xtreme 3 Sensitive does not need refills and is always ready for any situation and moment, whether you have to shave your beard or even your head like the protagonist of our video.

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