Why taking care of yourself is not just a girl thing

We are in a society in which men take care of themselves equally or even more than women. The use of body and face creams, hair removal or even makeup for men, has become something very common for men.

  • Men take care of themselves the same or even more than women
  • Cosmetic surgery operations
  • Who do men take care of?

Men take care of themselves the same or even more than women

As we have told you before, the number of men who consult about aesthetic treatments and procedures for themselves is increasing every day. We do not have to go very far, just ten years ago, to see that it was only the actors or musicians who took the most care of their physical appearance. However, currently the male world is willing to change their physical appearance to try to look even better if possible, either with the use of cosmetics or cosmetic operations. And that is what Coca-Cola wants to tell us with the video above, that we are more and more similar to the female sex and the differences are shortened, even if they mention the word “Macho”.

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Cosmetic surgery operations

The number of male patients who have requested operations or cosmetic procedures has increased in recent years. Something that is surprising because just 10 years ago the only men who requested these treatments or operations were almost exclusively famous actors, musicians,… in short celebrities and rich men.

But at present they are ordinary people who do not respond to the profile that we have mentioned before. Men who want to solve a problem quickly come here, accessing a medical aesthetic treatment, either through aesthetic operations or rejuvenation treatments. The services that are most requested are botulinum toxin injections, laser hair removal and fillers with hyaluronic acid injections.

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Who do men take care of?

The vast majority of men who decide to enter the world of surgery are motivated by the desire to find a more attractive image of themselves in the mirror, for various reasons. One of the main ones is the social role, since studies have revealed marketing surveys, that the more attractive your personal image is, the greater benefit they will have on your work image.

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