Why my beard itches and how to remedy it

Have you grown a beard and notice that it itches? Do not worry, it is very common and also temporary. Everything is due to the growth of facial hair itself, to ingrown hairs that may remain, to dead cells or also to the fact that the skin dries more than necessary because it requires a process of adaptation of the beard. But to avoid that itch, we explain in more detail why the beard itches so much, remedies to eliminate that itch and what to do in case of irritation too.

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When you grow a beard, you imagine with it and how good it will look on you, but no one tells you that for at least two or three weeks you will feel quite itchy. Why? The initial key is to be patient and then understand that the beard itches temporarily. It’s a simple adjustment period.

  • Why does my beard itch?
  • How do I avoid beard irritation?
  • Eliminate beard itching with natural remedies

Why does my beard itch?

But does it really itch all the time? Not everyone’s beard itches uncontrollably, but the vast majority of men do because it is still growing hair that is bothering. Also think that when you shave the hair is cut diagonally, so that one end is diagonal and annoying when it penetrates the skin.

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On the other hand, if you intend to wear a long beard, you will notice that as it grows it begins to itch more because the hair is coarser and also due to the dryness of your skin that must get used to seeing now covered with hair You must be careful because if you do nothing, the itching can add flaking and even irritation.

Finally, think that when you shave your face exfoliates. If you stop doing it, you will accumulate dead cells and this is another reason why itchiness occurs. Cleaning the beard and hydration are two keys so that those cells are eliminated, the itching disappears and your beard looks perfect.

How do I avoid beard irritation?

Bad beard care leads to irritated skin and even more itching. Also, if you scratch that irritation increases. To avoid this situation you just have to follow these steps:

  • Wash your beard daily with a neutral soap (while you are letting it grow) and rinse well.
  • Dry the beard well with a towel. In case of using a dryer, put it at a certain distance and at a medium temperature.
  • Moisturize the beard with the use of a specific conditioner.
  • Comb the beard with the use of a specific brush.
  • When you want to shape your beard, do not shave with a blade because you will increase irritation. You’d better use scissors or an electric clipper.
  • In the case of ingrown hairs, it is better to remove them as soon as possible to avoid further itching and irritation. To do this, use a hair removal tweezers.

Eliminate beard itching with natural remedies

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As we said, patience is essential when you grow your beard and notice that it itches. If you don’t have it, you will end up shaving or scratching excessively to the point of irritating the skin, but along with being patient you can apply some natural remedies such as simply cleaning your beard every two or three days and also with soap or shampoo. specific to your skin type.

Apply a natural conditioner

On the other hand, you must use the aforementioned conditioner. They sell great conditioners but if you want something natural you can do this one that we explain to you now.

You just need:

  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
  • 8 tablespoons of shea butter
  • 28 grams of beeswax
  • a few drops of essential oil of your choice (Amazon)

Mix all the ingredients while heating in a bain-marie. Fill a saucepan with water and put it on the fire, inside it put another container with the ingredients you want to mix. The heat will warm the water in the first pan and slowly transfer to the second.

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The ingredients can be added all together, except the essential oil. Once melted and well mixed together, turn off the heat and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.

At this point you can pour the liquid mixture into a clean container and allow it to cool and solidify.

Once solidified, you will have a product with which to condition your beard every time you wash it. You let it act for at least 5 minutes before rinsing.

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Moisturizes the beard

Hydration is another key point so that the beard does not itch. For this, you will need to use a good beard oil, which has natural ingredients, without silicones or sulfates. In the case of a lot of itching, pay particular attention to the fact that it is specific for sensitive skin.

Don’t forget to always cut and style

Finally, you need to comb or brush your beard daily. Not only for the beard to look even and neat. To further help with the removal of dead skin cells and to make you itch much less.

In addition, when brushing the beard, you activate the blood circulation of the area and stimulate the production of sebum by the beard for more hydration and less itching as well.

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Don’t forget to use a specific trimmer for beards or scissors to remove excess hair and thus, shape your beard and end that constant itchy feeling.

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