Why Do Guys Wear Cologne to Work

A lot of us, men, tend to sweat a lot. Thanks to our high levels of Testosterone for that. A lot of sweat also means a lot of unpleasant body odor. So, if you ask a man what he does to smell good, pat would be the reply- “I use a cologne/deodorant” 

Some men wear colognes and deodorants to almost every place they visit. Deodorants are considered mild and are not as long-lasting as colognes. 

This brings us to an important point of deliberation- Why do guys wear cologne to work? Or let me rather rephrase it – Should men wear cologne to work?

 A deodorant hint is fine, but it comes to a great deal when you decide to apply some cologne. How much cologne to apply, the occasion you are wearing it for, and where you are wearing it to are all things you ought to consider before wearing on cologne.

Coming back to our main topic – why do guys wear cologne to work? You might get a mixture of answers ranging from being presentable to making an impression that someone special at my workplace.

Should I Wear Cologne Everyday

If you ask me whether cologne should be worn to work, or should I wear cologne every day? My answer would be, “It’s your Personal Choice.” I wouldn’t douse myself in vials of perfume every day rather than prefer a mild sprinkle of cologne to my wrists and behind my ears. 

When applied in the right manner, a little amount of cologne can leave a pleasant and lingering scent around you all day long. 

How to Apply Cologne So It Lasts

I am asked this question quite often. I would suggest applying it to the most heat-producing parts of your body. Body heat acts as a catalyst in making the cologne fragrance last longer. Your wrists, the area behind your ears, your chest, and your neck are all heat-producing parts of your body. 

You can decide upon any one or two spots where you want to apply the cologne. 

Also, to make the fragrance of colognes last longer, you should always dab the cologne on your skin once and not rub it on to your skin. Rubbing the cologne onto your skin will make it evaporate into thin air.

why do guys wear cologne to work

Believing that all our readers take good care of personal hygiene, cologne should be worn after taking a shower or bath.

Should Men Wear Cologne to Work

The answer to this question might come across as vague and open-ended because there is no correct answer to this. As I mentioned earlier, it is a man’s personal choice whether to wear cologne to work. 

If he chooses to wear cologne at all, it would be his onus to make sure that the fragrance is mild and pleasant.

Another factor to keep in mind while wearing cologne to work is whether your workplace allows wearing strong colognes. It might be against your workplace culture to wear over-powering colognes and perfumes that might cause your colleagues nausea at work. 

In MNCs across the United States, wearing cologne to the workplace is not considered a good practice. In Asian countries like India, wearing cologne to the workplace is perfectly fine.

Having established that it’s a personal choice to wear cologne to work or not, let’s ponder why guys wear cologne to work?

The main reasons for wearing cologne to work can be listed as below:

  • Being presentable at the workplace
  • Combating body odor
  • Making a good impression, in general
  • Making a good impression on someone, in particular, maybe a female colleague at work
  • “I had some cologne in my wardrobe.”

Do Girls Like When Guys Wear Cologne 

According to an article on mensjournal, the answer to this tricky question was “Strike a balance.” The survey was evidently based on the responses from 20 women describing their feelings about men wearing cologne or not.

Depending on their personal preferences, the surveyed women preferred a good smelling man, devoid of perspiration and sweat stench. While most of the ladies loved the smell of mild fragrant colognes, a few of them did not prefer guys wearing cologne to work at all. 

A mixed bag of response in there!!

Lastly, you would ask me- how will I benefit from wearing cologne to work? I say, there might be benefits of wearing cologne to work, and there’s no denying it. Here are the benefits-

  • This one’s a no-brainer; it makes you smell good, building a positive and lasting impression among your colleagues and subordinates at work
  • A good cologne can boost your morale and, in return, boost up your confidence levels
  • A pleasant smelling man is instantly alluring to the opposite gender, works well when you want to impress a particular female colleague that works in your office
  • Colognes and perfumes contain essential oils and aromatic compounds. These oils and compounds can act as stress relievers and prevent you from making some anxious decisions
  • Wearing a cologne to work can keep you in a positive frame of mind, happy and joyous at work, and help increase your productivity altogether.

There is no right and wrong to summarize it all, whether to wear cologne to work or not. It all narrows down to your own accord. Having said that, it is essential to have a mild and fragrant cologne on you rather than soaking in volumes of cologne to smell better.

Always remember, when it comes to using cologne at work- Less is always more!

If applied correctly, the scent of cologne can last for an entire day. Remember to apply cologne on the most heat-producing areas of your body- wrists, chest, behind the ears, or neck.

Like wearing cologne is your personal choice, liking or getting attracted to a man wearing cologne also varies from woman to woman. Some women like the scent of cologne, some don’t.

The next time someone wants to know why do guys wear cologne to work, I can assure you that you would be in a favourable position to tackle their volley of questions.

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