Who are the best golf players in Spain?

At ModaEllos.com today we want to talk about a sport that is becoming more fashionable every day between us and is none other than golf, so let’s also talk about the best Spanish golfers.

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Before citing the four best Spanish golfers of all time, we must mention the irruption in the 1970s of the last century in international tournaments by self-taught, self-made players in a sport that was a minority in that time. They are Antonio Garrido, Valentín Barrios, José María Cañizares or Manuel Piñero, among others.

Now, it is possible to find a Spaniard competing in both the European circuit and the North American circuit with the same ease that passengers can have the Iberia Plus Card and with which they can travel around the world with maximum comfort and with all the advantages offered by this Iberia program.

The best Spanish golfers

Severiano Ballesteros, who died in 2011, would occupy first place in the historical ranking of Spanish golf. For his victory in five majors (three British Open and two Augusta Masters); for making the Ryder Cup an emblematic tournament, which he won twice as captain and a third time, in 2012, with his combative silhouette engraved on the European team’s sportswear; and for his overwhelming personality, his way of understanding golf as a spectacle and his unlikely shots, which have made him a world icon of this sport.

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The second in the ranking would be José María Olazábal, winner of two majors (each Master Augusta), although his professional career has been hindered by his back problems. His quality with the sticks has been added to his leadership ability to win the last Ryder Cup in 2012 on North American soil as captain of Europe, inoculating his players with ambition and the indelible memory of Ballesteros.

The third in the ranking would be occupied by Sergio García, known as “El Niño”. A great promise that has not exploded definitively. He has been on the verge of winning a ‘majors’, like the PGA of the United States in 1999, and although he has remained among the ten best players in the world for a long time, he has not taken the definitive leap to become the magic trident of the Spanish golf, along with Ballesteros and Olazábal.

The fourth in the ranking would go to Miguel Ángel Jiménez, capable of living a second youth when in 2004, at the age of 40, he recovered his best shots, except the putt, and returned to the elite of European golf. The ‘pisha’ or the ‘mechanic’ is the archetype of the gregarious golfer, capable of winning big stages but never a big round.

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