When you travel by plane, make the most of your hand luggage

Are you going on a trip and you have to prepare your hand luggage? They are increasingly strict with the luggage limits and it can become a headache, especially if you travel with a low-cost company, which charges per checked piece. Take note of these tips so you don’t forget anything and don’t have any problems when going through airport control.

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If you have to take a trip and travel by plane, when preparing your suitcases, you already know that you can take the hand luggage that will travel with you in the cabin, in addition to the checked luggage, but this will travel in the hold of the plane . Regarding hand luggage, to avoid problems, you will need to know what you can take inside according to the laws of the European Union.

This is so because before boarding, the bag, suitcase or even the backpack will go through the corresponding controls and they will make you leave on the ground everything that cannot be taken on the plane. So you must respect a series of measures regarding the allowed elements and objects.

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Video of the best tricks

Hand luggage measurements

The dimensions of hand luggage cannot be too heavy or too large. You can see this detail on the back of the ticket you buy.

But if this is not the case, you can consult it on the airline’s own website or even by telephone to remove any type of doubt and thus avoid problems when boarding at the airport.

The same goes for checked luggage, because if it exceeds the size and weight limits, you will have to jump through the hoop and pay a separate fee for the overweight bag.

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The European Union indicates that the amount of liquids or “substances of similar consistency” is restricted. Like medicines, special or personal diets and even baby food are allowed, but you must previously show the authenticity of the liquid, food or medical prescriptions. Furthermore, for liquids we have the following requirements:

Liquids: Necessary requirements

    The following are considered liquids:

  • Water and other drinks,.
  • Soups and syrups
  • Creams and pastes (including toothpaste)
  • Lotions and oils.
  • Perfumes and pressurized containers and aerosols.

The containers of liquids must not exceed 100 ml, introducing (the container) in a transparent bag that has an opening and closing system, like the one we put below, and that does not exceed a capacity of more than 1 liter.

    You can only travel with one bag per passenger, including children, so think carefully about what you put in.

    Liquid requirements do not apply to airport duty free stores or on board aircraft operated by the European Union airline.

    At the time of passing the relevant controls, passengers will be asked to place the liquid products on the tray so that airport security can carry out the necessary controls.

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Other types of objects

Of course, you travelers are allowed to carry other items in your hand luggage, but with certain restrictions.

Everything you carry in the cabin must be of low volume and weight and as long as they do not pose any danger to the safety of the plane’s passengers. For example: handbag, photo and video camera, umbrella without tip, magazines, cell phones and others,… If you have any questions, you can consult the airline employees.

Now all I have to do is say, Happy trip!

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