When is Carnival 2023

Carnival is one of the most anticipated parties of the year for many. Carnival is joy, fun and humor. The true protagonists of this celebration are the costumes, which fill the streets with colour. Today at Modaellos we tell you when carnival is in 2023. You don’t want to leave your costume for the last minute!

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When is carnival celebrated in 2023?

Carnival is a party whose origins are pagan but which over time was adopted by the religious sphere. However, many people are unaware that carnival is held for a religious reason and actually consider it a pagan festival.

The fact is that the day of carnival is the one that marks the beginning of the Christian Lent. In other words, carnival is celebrated 40 days before Holy Thursday and the beginning of Holy Week.

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The dates of the carnival, therefore, vary each year based on the days on which Holy Week is celebrated. Normally it is carnival falls in the middle / end of February or beginning of March although, as we say, this can vary depending on the year.

If we talk about carnival 2023, these are the dates on which it will be celebrated:

  • February 22, 2023 – Carnival Friday

As we can see, carnival is a festivity that is celebrated for a whole week, although depending on the place these holidays can be limited. Likewise, local councils and entities can change the dates of the carnival festivities, for example with the aim of not making it coincide with the carnivals of other towns.

About the carnival, there is little to explain since we all know these festivities and we know that it is a celebration that has no age, in which both children and their parents enjoy. And you, do you already know what you are going to dress up as in the 2023 carnivals? Don’t make the mistake that many of us make and don’t leave it for the end!

To finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

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Video: Carnival of Venice

Everyone knows the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, but in the world there are many other places where carnival is an incredible party. For example, here you have a video with images of the famous carnival in Venice.

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