What type of body do you have? Learn to dress according to your body

When we want to dress well it is important to know that not all of us have the same BODY TYPE. Each body has its advantages and disadvantages. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect body model.

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Dressing well is your goal and to achieve it we must analyze the type of body we have. Today we are going to show you a few tips so you can discover the body you have and the clothes that best suit you.

What type of body do you have?

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The first step you should take is to look at your body in front of the mirror, discover what type of body you have by comparing what you see with the image above that we show you, in this way, you can find the clothes that suit you best.

First of all you have to know that there are 3 body types and we all fit into one of them, although many people have characteristics of 2 different types. These are: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.


Ectomorphic individuals are characterized by their lean frame. They are known to have a hard time building lean muscle mass. At the same time, they have a very fast metabolism that is not predisposed to take on fat mass. They manage to burn fat quite easily.

Among the most visible characteristics of this type of bodies we have:

  • thin structure
  • long limbs and short body
  • narrow shoulders
  • long neck
  • low % body fat
  • fast metabolism
  • difficult to build muscle mass


These people are blessed with broad shoulders and a narrow waist so their bodies have a typical V shape. They have a slower metabolism than ectomorphs, so they may require more cardiovascular work and a good diet to eliminate extra kilos.

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Among the most visible characteristics of this type of bodies we have:

  • athletic and compact structures
  • compact and defined body
  • wide chest and narrow waist
  • easy muscle mass increase
  • increases easy fat mass


Endomorph bodies are characterized by increased bone density, wide waist, as well as relatively short legs and arms. They usually manage to easily take on muscle mass. However, he has a very slow metabolism.

Among the most visible characteristics of this type of bodies we have:

  • round structure
  • high, curved shoulders
  • short neck
  • long and wide trunk and legs
  • little muscle definition
  • smooth skin, little hair
  • tendency to gain weight

How to dress well from your body

Once we have seen what kind of bodies we can find and what they are like, we can start with our goal of dressing well. If you know how to identify your body type, you will surely know what can fit you best.

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Next, we leave you a series of tips that will help you dress well according to the type of body you have.

How to dress well according to your body

You have to be realistic. When it comes to dressing well, we must keep in mind that the most important trick when choosing our outfit and style is knowing our body. No matter how much we wear the clothes of the most expensive brands, if it doesn’t fit our figure or flatter our features, it will look ugly.

How to dress well if you are an ectomorph

If you identify with the ectomorphic body as we have described above, we can tell you that you have a thin complexion so that whatever you wear your clothes will look good on you, although we have to qualify some things.

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First of all, you can take advantage of wearing tight clothes, better than those that are wide. Many skinny men believe that they are barely seen if they dress their size and insist on dressing in larger sizes when in reality they only get thinner.

Custom-made clothes will suit you best, but knowing that this is (obviously) more expensive, simply buy your size and that’s it. Also, do not choose to buy sizes smaller than the one that corresponds to you since you will look ridiculous.

As for colors, make the most of shades like red or green, as well as blue, “vivid” colors that will make your body look less thin. White is another shade that may work for you.

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How to dress well if you are a mesoform

If you have a mesoform body type, we have to say that you will have an envied athletic complexion although on the other hand that does not mean that you are “must”. In any case, your body is more defined and in this way you can easily mark muscle, so it is not highly recommended that you bet on clothes that are too tight. It’s one thing to show off your body and another to look like you’re about to break it.

Choose clothes of your size although due to your complexion, it is better that you try it on before in case it is too tight on you. Also choose shirts before T-shirts and chino pants, which you can get a lot out of. For your luck, any color can look good on you and you can choose without problem, all kinds of prints.

We will see later in more detail how to dress according to the complexion, but in turn, you know that height plays a very important role, so we continue with this aspect.

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As for suits, you will realize that all blazers tend to be narrow on your shoulders. Surely you will have to choose a smaller trouser size (for your fitted waist) than the jacket.

How to dress well if you are an endomorph

For men with an endomorphic complexion, the key will also be getting their size right, but you can also always wear clothes that look larger from below than from above and not vice versa.

Many thick or “chubby” men choose huge shirts or t-shirts, believing that this way they hide those “extra kilos” more, when in reality, they achieve the opposite effect. The ideal are shirts of your size and if possible if you wish, in colors that allow you to see your thinnest complexion. Black is without a doubt a color that you will always hit the mark with.

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In addition, tailored suits can also be a plus point for men with an endomorphic body. Think that in this type of body, the waist is wide as well as the back. Make the most of that with suits that fit you like a glove without being too tight.

Neutral tones can also be a good option as a counterpoint to the aforementioned black. While navy blue and gray are colors that you can also take advantage of.

On the other hand, as a piece of advice we can tell you that if you take off your belt and better choose braces, since in this way, you will be able to better hide your belly. Also, it is better that you wear a shirt and t-shirt inside, but without wearing them too tight.

Dress well according to height

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Once we have seen how you can dress well depending on the type of body you have; Another fundamental aspect to choose the type of clothing that you should wear is your own height, this will favor or hinder you from being able to dress well.

It is true that some men’s height can cause certain complexes, but if one feels confident and knows how to make the most of it, height is just one more quality of the person that does not have to condition anyone’s social life. .

So that you can get the most out of your height, I leave you this article where you can see how to choose your clothes according to your height “Dress well according to your height”, but we can also summarize that:

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How to dress if you are tall

If you are lucky enough to be a tall man, you can wear all kinds of clothes even if you don’t wear too wide cut ones as they won’t flatter you.

The best thing is that you can wear all kinds of colors and patterns, but don’t just take height into account, look at your complexion and always buy your size.

The bad thing is that you won’t always find clothes for your height, especially when it comes to pants and shoes.

But yes, a tall man should avoid things like bright colors and vertical stripes. As a tall man, you should be comfortable in your clothes and how you look. If you wear well-fitting clothes, you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on the world, but when you feel corseted or crushed by an ill-fitting shirt, you can feel awkward and clumsy.

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Focusing on pants, we’ll tell you that there are plenty of options out there, and as a tall man with long legs, the good news is that you can get away with it. Skinny pants can look amazing on your height, while today’s trending wide leg cargo pants will help make you look a bit shorter if that’s the kind of effect you want.

How to dress if you are short

If you are short, it is better that you skip trends such as “oversize” jackets or t-shirts or very long clothes, since you will only make yourself look shorter.

Take advantage of slightly tighter garments, and colors like black that stylize. You can also take advantage and wear pants with a slightly higher waist, to appear to have longer legs. As for colors, choose raw tones or those that are neutral colors.

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On the other hand, you should avoid prints like checkered ones, which will make you look even shorter, or turtleneck sweaters. It is also better that you wear the shirts inside and the coats avoid being long. Do not wear color combinations of the “black and white” type and always bet on clothes that are exactly your size.

How to dress according to complexion:

We have already given some keys and ideas on how to dress depending on the body we have. Next we want to give you some more about the proper way to dress and the style that can best suit you depending on your complexion.

Men with slim builds

If your complexion is thin, you should avoid everything that is oversized or with large pockets. Long t-shirts or very wide pants will make you look much thinner, so it is better that you bet on somewhat tighter clothes and above all with which to take advantage of your body.

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The “slim fit” suits; for example, they will look great on you and you can easily join the current trend of wearing several layers.

The best colors for you: White as well as neutral tones, pastels and bright colors.

Men of medium complexion

Although it may not seem like it, most men have a medium complexion body; that is to say, neither too high nor too low and that they are quite adjusted to their weight. This type of complexion shouldn’t give you much trouble when it comes to choosing the right way to dress, although sometimes we can make mistakes.

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Why wear tight pants or a very tight shirt if your waist and the perimeter of your chest may not be? Why wear pants like a rapper if you’re not very tall?

You have to know exactly what you measure and know what size is right for your body type and not want to wear one more or less.

The best colors for you: Black and white and those colors with which you can hide the parts of your body that interest you the most.

Thick build men

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Many men with a thick complexion tend to buy very baggy clothes to hide their weight when in reality the only thing they achieve is to make it more noticeable. I’m not saying wear clothes that are tight but wear clothes that make you look comfortable but not baggy:

High-waisted shirts and pants can be a good ally.

Also avoid layers as they won’t flatter you either.

The best colors for you: Black and muted neutrals, as well as warm tones.

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Men with a muscular build

Having muscles can be the dream of many men and although it is important to take care of yourself and be in shape, there are men who, as soon as they start exercising and dieting, develop too much muscle mass.

If your muscles mark your body too much, and you don’t like to wear clothes with which they stand out, perhaps you should bet on V-necks, since you can balance the part of the torso and shoulders with the waist that usually looks much narrower in muscular men.

Straight-leg pants with marked pockets on the hips will fit you best.

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The best colors for you: Black and neutral colors like gray.

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