What is Blue Monday and where can we find the sales?

Did you know that among the 365 days it has the year, is there one that is considered the saddest of all? And the best, or worst, is that it is scientifically proven. If you’re curious, we’ll tell you what Blue Monday is and where we can find the sales because it’s one thing for the day to be sad and another for there to be no way to cheer it up.

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What is Blue Monday?

For many people, each of the days of the year is a day without motivation and gray. But, as in life, everything can always get worse and there is a day when sadness reaches its highest point: the third Monday in January. Obviously, there is an explanation. What is Blue Monday?

The history of Blue Monday dates back to 2005, when Cliff Arnall, a psychologist with free time, decides to create a formula to find what he will call the worst day of the year.

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Among the variables he used to find the germ of Blue Monday, Cliff Arnall counted on:

  • Family economy touched – After Christmas and in the middle of the January slope, the pockets of many families only have the wrappings of Christmas sweets
  • Climate – The second half of January, except in exceptional cases, usually brings cold, rain and very gray days that do not help to lift your spirits

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  • New Year’s resolutions – Reached the third Monday of January, enough time has passed to assume that we will not fulfill most of the resolutions committed for the year that begins.
  • Motivation – With this panorama, the motivation with which the world starts on January 1, is usually in tatters when the dreaded Blue Monday arrives.

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And that’s how good old Cliff Arnall determined that the third Monday in January would become the saddest day of the year, which he came to call, very aptly, Blue Monday.

What not everyone knows is that this study was part of a clever advertising campaign for a travel company called Sky Travel. Obviously, the company is already gone. You couldn’t expect less from the Blue Monday ideologues.

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Over the years, the idea that the third Monday in January is the worst day of the year has been consolidated, even though the debates surrounding this election are also repeated year after year.

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Of course, with the emergence of social networks, millions of people try to counteract the sadness of Blue Monday with messages of encouragement. It doesn’t work but the intention is good.

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As a curious fact, 11 years after the appearance of Blue Monday, its ideologue, Cliff Arnall, once again participated in an advertising campaign, this time against the day that he himself invented.

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Contracted by the Government of the Canary Islands, in 2016 the #StopBlueMonday campaign was launched, devaluing the study carried out by Cliff Arnall and urging people to take advantage of the 24 hours that Blue Monday offered. I eat? Of course, flying to the Canary Islands on vacation. Well played.

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Where can we find the Blue Monday sales?

Over the years, Blue Monday has become a light but recognized version of the quintessential shopping day: Black Friday. Sales, promotions, offers and all kinds of bargains to cheer us up on the saddest day. But where can we find the Blue Monday sales?

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The truth is that Blue Monday, which in 2021 will take place on January 18, will arrive in full winter sales. And despite this, there will be many stores that take advantage of the marked and sad day to give an extra discount to those who come to their stores. We tell you where we can find the Blue Monday sales.

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  • Media Markt – Already in 2020, Media Markt ran an interesting discount campaign during Blue Monday and the days after. Laptops, household appliances, free mobile phones, washing machines, televisions, vacuum cleaners… Everything had an added discount that, given the success, they will surely repeat in 2021.
  • Zara – Inditex’s flagship brand does not miss one and, as it has done over the years, it will be among the brands that offer discounts on the saddest day of the year. If they repeat last year’s strategy, the discounts would accumulate with the already lowered prices. Note that we are talking about up to 20% extra

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  • Uniqlo – If you don’t know the Japanese fashion brand that is taking the world by storm, Blue Monday will be a good time to do so. To the discounts that you accumulate from the January sales, we must add that of the saddest day that can mean up to 20% more.
  • El Corte Inglés – A Fantastic Week is what El Corte Inglés is going to celebrate, only its name will be Blue Monday. One of the brands that best adapts outdoor elements to its day to day, it will embrace Blue Monday as if it had been celebrating it all its life. And beware that it will do so with discounts of up to 30% on textiles and fashion.

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  • H&M – The Dutch firm, in itself, already has very affordable prices. With the arrival of the January sales, these sale prices will be more than interesting. But, what if we add an extra 20% to this succulent discount? It is what H&M did in 2020 and what it aims to do this year. A tremendous opportunity to renew the closet
  • Massimo Dutti – Inditex’s benchmark of elegance is one of the firms that does not usually offer too succulent discounts. Now, being the saddest day of the year, even at Massimo Dutti they pitch in to cheer up their customers. They do it with a 10% discount that, in some cases, is complemented by those already available from the sales. Knowing the prices of Massimo Dutti, help when paying is not bad.

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  • RecordGo – If, for whatever reason, you are going to rent a car in January, at RecordGo you will have special discounts to celebrate Blue Monday. The objective of the company, as they themselves announce, is “that the most depressing day of the year does not manage to win the battle for you”. It will depend a lot on the discount they offer for renting a car.

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