What color tie to wear with a black suit

Certain suit and shirt combinations are so neutral that combining them with ties is usually a piece of cake. So what color tie should you wear with a black suit and white shirt? A black suit and white shirt can be worn with a wide range of ties ranging from “warm” colors like gold, pink and red, to “cool” colors like blue and green. That’s the short answer, but let’s dig deeper. After reviewing the tie colors you can easily wear with this combo, we’ll run through a couple of FAQs on the subject to wrap it up.

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Red Tie

A black suit and white shirt can be worn with a red tie in most professional and social settings. Ties in a lighter shade of red tend to look bolder, while darker shades of red (for example, burgundy) are more subtle and better suited to evening events. A red tie is also known as a “power tie.” It is said to symbolize authority and dominance in the workplace. While it’s helpful to keep this in mind, it’s important not to take it to heart.

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A red tie will be even more striking against the backdrop of a neutral black suit and white shirt. Choosing a red tie that is bright, light and bold can be seen as too much or even distracting. In general, a muted shade of red would be best. While darker shades of red, like burgundy, maroon, and mahogany, are perfect for evening events, subtlety can also appeal to daytime events.

Black Tie

A black tie can be worn with a black suit and white shirt for a monochrome look. Consider choosing a tie that is a very dark shade of gray instead of black for some contrast. Also, consider a pocket square to add a pop of color.

While some may shy away from the black suit, white shirt, and black tie for fear of being “boring,” it definitely has its appeal. It is simple and easy to coordinate. Also, a “black” tie and a “black” suit do not necessarily have to be the exact same color.

Choosing a tie that is slightly lighter than the suit should produce enough contrast to be noticed. Plus, there are ways to add some contrast and visual interest to your outfit. Consider a pair of cufflinks or a shiny metal belt buckle. You could wear a pocket square of pretty much any color and get away with it. However, choosing a neutral-colored pocket square, such as one in off-white or light gray, would work especially well, coordinating perfectly with the black or dark gray tie.

Blue Tie

A blue tie can easily be worn with a black suit and white shirt in professional and social settings. Ties in darker shades of blue, such as navy, admiral, and blue, go especially well with a dark suit. Blue ties are said to symbolize confidence and dexterity, making them a popular choice for the workplace. They also tend to have a calming effect.

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Ties in lighter shades of blue, such as sky blue, baby blue, are especially striking against the background of a white shirt and in stark contrast to the black suit. The subtlety of ties in darker shades of blue appeals to many and pairs well with a black suit without being too conspicuous. A navy tie with a black suit and white shirt, for example, would look almost as subtle as a black tie. However, it produces enough contrast to be easily noticeable.

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