What color socks to wear with white sneakers or tennis shoes

Having white sneakers is almost essential, in fact, almost all of us have them, You will always find many models, each with its own style, of white sneakers that adapt to what you are looking for and that you can get a lot of out of.

We can wear white sneakers to the beach or take a walk in the city; some people are more daring and dare to bring them to the office if the boss allows it. The real problem comes when we don’t know how to combine our colorful sports socks with white trainers. If the socks are white, no one usually notices much, and that’s fine, but what if they’re colored?

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Combine colored socks with white sneakers

Colored socks are not a problem. On the contrary, colored socks help to bring more personality and show us more confident. Every day we see more and more people fearlessly combining colorful socks with white sneakers. There’s no need to throw out the white sneakers or get rid of the colored socks, and yes, don’t leave it all up to the socks. The tone of the shirts or the rest of the garments can make our favorite socks look even more.

The colors of socks are always something important when it comes to combining, it is clear that there are colors like black or gray, or neutral tones such as different shades of brown, which will always look good, even more so if you decide to wear white sneakers, you just have to watch the height of the sock.

If you are one of those people who wants and likes to take risks, bet without fear on brightly colored socks, such as blue or green, but do not use very bright or phosphorous tones unless you are going to play sports, opt for more subdued tones, especially to go to work or for more formal occasions, in the end between friends and family you can use more risky looks.

On the other hand, colored socks are also recommended to be short and not high, but if they are high, combine according to the instructions. For the best appearance, it is best to alternate styles or designs of white sneakers and make sure they are always clean. It is possible to combine colored sports socks with white sneakers and a suit, but this is not the best advice, although the daring of many people goes as far as this.

Socks that are not colored or at least not one, can be a success, but it can also be what harms the harmony of your look. At this point, you will be able to find socks with prints from your favorite series or movies, but also with animals or everyday objects. In fact, my favorite socks are those that are related to food, like avocados or French fries.

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