What can you give your partner this Christmas 2022

We are entering December and one of the most special dates of the year is approaching, Christmas. It is time for gifts, a very simple task for some but for others it can be somewhat complicated. For this reason, we help you and we tell you what you can give your partner this Christmas 2022.

Choosing a good gift can make that person with whom you share so many things feel special. Therefore, we give you a few examples to help you with the gifts you can buy for your girlfriend. What can you give your partner this Christmas 2022.

What can you give your partner this Christmas 2022

Choosing a gift for your girl or your boy this Christmas 2022 can be hard work. Good because you want to get it right, but you don’t know what to give, good because you don’t have time to go from store to store. Most common case. Hence, it is very useful to know what you can give your partner this Christmas 2022.

Today it is much easier not to have those problems thanks to the fact that practically everything can be bought over the Internet. So, whether you have time or not, you can check online all the things that stores of all brands suggest for Christmas, and have it delivered to your home without any problem.

Getting the tastes of each person right is somewhat more complicated, but you can ask directly. One option is that they make you a list with several things or, simply, you can guide yourself by the latest trends to know what you are buying that is fashionable, especially if it is about clothes.

Anyway, from Modaellos we want to give you a hand and this is our selection of gifts for your partner at Christmas 2021.

Give your partner at Christmas: Clothes

When we talk about giving clothes for Christmas, Christmas sweaters always come to mind. That’s right. They are an exceptional gift but not the only one we can do when it comes to clothes.

In fact, it is convenient to know what the latest trends in fashion are, to hit and surprise our partner. And in this case, if he is a man, we have several options that you can give to your partner this Christmas 2022.

For example, the wide knit turtleneck sweaters are sweeping this Christmas 2022. You have them in the main clothing chains and at more than interesting prices. Just get the color and pattern right to make a gift that will last all winter long.

The same thing happens with lined coats that are back with force. Of course, if you don’t want her to wear the lined denim jacket that everyone is wearing, you can look for a cooler and more rebellious alternative.

Finally, we must not forget that at Christmas there is always an occasion for elegance and, in this case, a jacket or a suit can make the difference. If you don’t know what to give your partner this Christmas 2022, try a blazer or a risky color suit because they are the most trendy today.

Do you want more ideas to give clothes this Christmas 2021? Here are the 2021 Christmas Trends for Men with dozens of ideas.

On the other hand, it may be a good idea to opt for the most fashionable accessories that can never be missing among the best Christmas gifts that you can give your partner. For example a nice scarf or a handkerchief. In stores like Zara you can find some options that are appropriate and will not break your budget either.

Or if you prefer you can also give him a belt. You can choose many models and styles but if you want to hit the mark and find something special for Christmas, there is nothing like choosing a leather or leather belt. One of those belts that you can keep forever and wear on special occasions. The one in the image, for example, is by Massimo Dutti.

How about a tie? They may not give away as much as in the past, but then comes the time when your partner has to put on a suit and no tie. You can get him out of trouble with a simple but successful gift and with models as beautiful as this one from Mango.

Give your partner at Christmas: Smartphone

Why not? If you do it right, you can combine Christmas with Valentine’s Day, give a spectacular gift and not worry until the birthday arrives. In fact, if you wonder what you can give your partner for Christmas 2021, one of the first options that comes to mind is the smartphone, but it is usually discarded due to price. And it’s a mistake.

For example, the current aspirational mobile around the world is the new iPhone 14. Today, among the three best mobile phones on the market and available for 900 euros in its most basic option of 64 GB of RAM and 6, 1 inches. Well, with the financing offered by Apple, you can pay for your mobile in up to a year without interest.

For example, if we finance the 900 euros half a year, we would pay six installments of just over 160 euros. If we choose to pay it in a year, it would be 12 installments of 75 euros. Doesn’t seem like such an expensive Christmas present 2022 does it?

Don’t we want to spend so much money? There is always the Asian option. For example, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T. A most complete mobile phone with 3 GB of RAM and 32 Internal Memory, which you can expand to 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM or 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. And all for 179, 199 or 249 euros. Much cheaper and with four cameras.

Do we want a smartphone that is considered one of the best of 2022? The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the model to choose, although certainly its price, over 1,000 euros, is closer to that of the iPhone than to that of Xiaomi’s Redmi. In this case, we have an elegant smartphone ideal for a couple who is a lover of devices with great features and unique design.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone is a big, powerful and very beautiful Android phone. Thanks to the stand, the S Pen is super versatile, suitable for work but also for playing games and browsing the Internet on the big screen. The photographic sector is the highlight, with the new Space Zoom feature elevating it above the competition.

Give your partner at Christmas: Funko Pop

Do you have a salary cap on Christmas gifts 2022? Do you need a nice detail that your partner will like? In that case, the Funko Pops are always at hand.

The catalog of these XXL head dolls is so beast that you will always find one that your partner likes. In addition, if the collection bug bites you, there you will have a wild card to make specific gifts on specific dates. It’s a long-term strategy.

And what Funkos can you give your partner for Christmas 2022? Man, talking about Christmas in the 21st century is talking about Mariah Carey, not a bad way to start the collection.

Also very Christmas style. The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop. A figure with Jack and Sally that your partner will love if they are a fan of Christmas or the Tim Burton movie.

Another alternative, now that it is so fashionable, is to use the Joker. But not Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Not even the legendary Heath Ledger. If you are going to give away a Joker, let it be that of César Romero, who also comes with a mustache painted white, as happened in the original series from the 60s. Wonderful.

The last alternative that we propose is a classic: The Simpsons. Imagine if you have characters to give away until you complete the entire collection. It would save you more than one birthday. What do you think of Mr. Burns to start the collection? Definitely an excellent choice.

Don’t you like any of the options we give you? Take a look at the Funko Pop catalog and search among the more than 8,000 figures they have. Some, by statistics, your partner has to like.

Give your partner for Christmas: Netflix, HBO or Apple TV+

Whoever says that giving a subscription to a streaming platform is not a good Christmas 2022 gift, has not tried them. On the one hand, it is a gift that you can enjoy as a couple. On the other, it will help you overcome the January slope, when it arrives, based on movies and series at home. Double win: romantic plan and savings.

We start with the leading streaming platform in the market: Netflix. Currently, the red giant offers three subscription options to its customers: Basic (7.99 euros), Standard (12.99 euros) and Premium (17.99 euros). And, for now, with a free month.

Basically, with what it would cost to go to the movies as a couple, you have a month of the most complete streaming option on Netflix. Weekly premieres, more and more quality content and the option to download offline to watch it in town during the holidays. If there is a better gift to make for Christmas 2021, let Santa Claus come and say so.

Another alternative, somewhat cheaper, is offered by HBO MAX. For 8.99 euros per month, you will have available not only the latest HBO releases, but also its impressive catalogue. Thus, current hits like Succession, Watchmen or La Materia Oscura are joined by classics like The Wire, The Sopranos or The Night Of.

HBO Max offers you two weeks free and, be careful, a more than interesting children’s catalog. If you have children, the gift can be a tremendous collective victory and all for the price of a couple of children’s menus at any fast food establishment.

The last option is the least known, because it is the last to arrive. Of course, Apple TV +, Apple’s streaming, has been taken off the hook with a ridiculous price: 4.99 euros per month with a 7-day free trial. With a small catalog but an almost unlimited budget, Apple TV + is going to grow exponentially in the coming months. Not a bad choice.

Give your partner at Christmas: Camera

You can also choose a camera. I know that we all already have one on our smartphone, but the ones we recommend are the Fuji Instant, with which you can take pictures of special occasions and get the image printed instantly (similar to Polaroids).

Best of all, they are sold in different colors and are so original that you can hit the mark even if your partner is not the best photographer in the world.

You can buy this camera at the following Amazon link:

  • No products found.

Give a gift to your partner at Christmas: romantic getaway

One of the most beautiful ideas to give your partner at Christmas, and that you can both enjoy, is a romantic getaway. It does not have to be a great getaway through Europe, or other continents; It can also be a romantic getaway to a beautiful place in your country that you don’t know, so you can give it to your partner for Christmas.

For these getaways you can resort to various travel websites such as Atrápalo.com, but you can also resort to some of the romantic getaway packages at Christmas, in which your partner can choose the destination from over a hundred possibilities. You can also find these romantic getaway packs on Amazon and they come out at a better price than in the store. Here we leave you some of them. To buy the product, hover over the image and access the purchase link.

Gourmet romantic getaway: In this box you can enjoy one night with breakfast and dinner or two nights with breakfast or one night with breakfast and spa or one night with breakfast and visit to the winery or one night with breakfast and a detail. It is valid for two people and you can use it within a period of two years. Inside the box you can find 1550 rural hotels, inns and other types of accommodation, from which to choose to enjoy your Christmas gift for your partner.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • Gourmet romantic getaway – Life is beautiful

Two days with charm: Inside this box you have up to 1000 hotels of up to four stars where you can choose a night with breakfast for two people. You can enjoy this experience within a period of two years after the purchase period.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • Two charming days – Smartbox

Romantic night: Choose a night with breakfast and detail for two people, among 950 palaces and four-star hotels in the countries of Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Belgium, Portugal and France. You have two years to choose the perfect date for this experience.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • Romantic night – Smartbox

A night to dream: In this box you can find more than 95 inns in Spain such as palaces, castles or convents, among which you will have to choose one to enjoy a night with breakfast for two, to give to your partner at Christmas.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • A night to dream – Smartbox

Disconnect three days: If one or two days fell short to enjoy Christmas with your partner, here you can find more than 1590 rural houses and inns in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France and Italy. Once you’ve chosen your destination, call to book two nights with breakfast, one night with breakfast and spa, or dinner for two.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • Disconnect three days – Wonderbox

A thousand nights to fall in love: Give your partner for Christmas two nights with breakfast or one night with breakfast and dinner or one night with breakfast and access to the spa, among 1600 romantic hotels of up to five stars.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • A thousand nights to fall in love- Life is beautiful

Three romantic gourmet days: If gourmet food is your thing, don’t forget to give your partner two nights with breakfast and a gourmet dinner with a wine cellar, for two people. You can choose to enjoy this experience among 190 hotels and palaces of up to five stars.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • Three romantic days- Life is beautiful

Two unique days: Choose a hotel among the 960 that this romantic getaway box offers you and enjoy this Christmas with your partner, a night with breakfast and detail.

You can buy this experience on Amazon, at the following link:

  • Two unique days- Life is beautiful

Give your partner at Christmas: breakfasts at home

If you want to give your partner something very original for Christmas, there may be nothing better than waking them up with a great breakfast at home.

You can find many offers from different stores that are dedicated to making breakfast at home. You just have to choose the breakfast that you like the most, with the basket design that you like the most and say the day you would like them to take it home. As always, we leave you the best option on Amazon, at the best price too.

You can buy this breakfast at home, here:

  • Iberian breakfast at home

Give your partner at Christmas: A unisex perfume

Colognes, fragrances, and perfumes are a “classic” gift every Christmas but we suggest you be something more original. How about a “unisex” perfume? In this way you can hit even if you have a female or male partner and also share it. As for brands, we recommend CK One, which is the unisex classic perfume par excellence, although we currently find other fragrances on the market for both him and her. Thus, you can buy 88 by Comme des Garçons, Bvulgari Black, Jean Paul Gaultier 2 or Tuscan Soul by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Give your partner at Christmas: Camel Coat

On the other hand, we can return to fashion again, and although before we have already recommended clothes that are essential for this season, the truth is if we pay attention to the latest trends there is nothing like choosing a camel coat. Whether for men or women, your partner will be delighted with the fact that you give him a piece like this. You will be able to look trendy, and you will surely take advantage of Christmas day to release it. A great gift without a doubt. The women’s and men’s coats that we show you are both from Zara.

Give your partner at Christmas: Necklace with an original romantic phrase

For those who want to make a special and romantic gift, an original necklace with a phrase to love is perfect. With this gift you will show your partner what you are willing to do for it. Surely it is a gift that he will love! The one in the photo is from Uno de 50 but many other brands, such as Tous, also make this type of necklace.

Give your partner at Christmas: Christmas sweaters

Another proposal that we want to make is the Christmas jumpers, which you can also find for both men and women.

Your partner may have never had one and since they are a trend this 2021, they may be delighted or delighted with a model like these that you see above, and that belong to the latest H&M Christmas collection, promoted by the singer Katy Perry . The good thing about these sweaters is that they are original and fun, the bad thing is that they can only be worn when the Christmas season arrives.

Give your partner at Christmas: Massages for couples

You can show your partner this Christmas that you love them and that you care about them and their health. How to do it? Couples massages have become one of the most requested gifts. Think that you can prepare a good romantic dinner with candlelight, music, good wine and for dessert a relaxing massage with special oil that will make you feel in heaven. Keep the passion and continue to be a detail person with this gift.

Give your partner at Christmas: Bouquet of Flowers

You can always opt for the safe thing and that is to deliver a bouquet of flowers to surprise your partner. You can have them sent to you with a special card or dedication. However, this way of doing it is pretty cold. Better to make a gift, and then the flowers arrive, don’t you think?

Give a gift to your partner at Christmas: Wine Travel Boutique

The Wine Travel Boutique has become a good gift since it is quite original and where you can enjoy an unforgettable romantic experience among vineyards. With this Ribera del Duero tourism you and your partner will be able to know all the ins and outs and first-hand of the process of making the best wine.

What do you think of our ideas? Would you include any more?

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