What are the Types of Bellies in Men and Solutions to eliminate it

In this detailed article we talk about What are the Types of Belly in Men and Solutions to eliminate it since with the years it is easy for men to have more and more belly. A problem that seems to only concern women, but nothing is further from the truth. So let’s see what kind of belly men tend to have and also what can be done to make it change or actually disappear.

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Having a belly does not necessarily imply that it is something problematic for a man. In fact, if health is maintained and it is only a matter of age or perhaps leading a too sedentary life, it is possible that the man is comfortable with his body and does not want to do anything to change it. However, you may notice that in recent years you have more and more belly and that even a certain area of ​​the belly has grown too much so that you do not look good in front of the mirror and seek a solution.

One of the first things you can do is take care of your diet, increase your fiber intake, drink water so that fluid retention does not occur and also, of course, exercise and focus on the abdominal area. Apart from all this and based on the type of belly you have, you can find different solutions.

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Let’s get to know the different types of bellies in the case of men, and we will focus on the five most common with their solutions.

Flat belly

A flat stomach, maybe even with a bit of abs to show. It is a careful and worked belly but it is not the most common at all. At first it has no problem, but we had to mention it because it is the belly that men want the most. To achieve it, an “energetic” belly with a regular intestine is required, that is, you must take great care of what you eat, avoid fats and above all, maintain good physical habits when exercising in the gym or at home. In fact, crunches will become routine. Thanks to them you will keep your belly marked for a long time.

Bloated belly or “beer” belly

The swollen belly, which has the round shape of a melon or which starts from the lower part of the bust and takes the shape of a swollen balloon. To be clear: it’s kind of like a pregnant belly that is always associated with drinking a lot of beer since it’s due to excessive over-fermentations of carbohydrates and sugars.

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With this type of belly, the best solution is to eliminate from the diet everything that makes your belly fatter and fatter and work the lymphatic system through the use of specific equipment or in less accentuated and more localized cases through massages lymphatic drainage, all associated with a specific and impressive weight loss through the use of the Dome (a kind of sauna, Japanese production equipment) or a specific treatment with a triphasic electric blanket.

Belly float

The belly in the form of a float is one that is characterized by having a roll of fat that is placed in the lower part of the belly and all over the waist, forming love handles that are usually even more noticeable when you are sitting. It is often caused by protein fermentation (protein foods are not digested well, especially milk and its derivatives), as well as by excessive intake of fatty meats, sausages, and also soft drinks and sugary drinks.

To eliminate or reduce the belly with a floater shape, it is necessary to work on localized fat using reverse ultrasonic osmosis (which in advanced aesthetics is the evolution of cavitation) and lipolaser, a fractional cold laser that acts directly on fat and cellulite, inducing body remodeling.

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If you want to avoid undergoing specific treatments, it is necessary to make a radical change in diet and work a lot on the abdominal area in the gym, not only doing crunches but also lifting weights.

Belly with central float

The belly that is known as a floater can also be a type of belly in which a love handle develops in the central part. This type of tummy often stems from parasites that prevent the body from properly absorbing ingested food; in more severe cases, it can prevent the proper elimination of toxins released into the bloodstream.

Precisely because the elimination of toxins released into the bloodstream is partially hindered by parasitosis, it is absolutely necessary to act on the basis of circulatory problems by improving circulation, reducing water retention and inducing muscle relaxation of the skin. It is clear that it is essential to reshape the body to attenuate the abdomen, in this case nothing better than a directed action with multipolar radiofrequency, a warm and pleasant treatment.

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Drooping belly

The sagging belly is a type of belly that usually occurs after excessive weight loss, but it also occurs especially in old age when the tissue is less elastic. It is characterized by a loose or soft belly in which the navel takes on a “sad smile” shape. This is considered the most classic anergic tummy. A type of belly that is more common in women, especially after having gone through a pregnancy, but that can also occur in men.

He’s a tummy type that he doesn’t like since he’s really unsightly. To revitalize the tissue, the synergistic action of a machine that uses two integrated systems preceded by a localized connective tissue massage is essential. The integrated systems include a first use of a transdermal carrier that transports amino acids, hyaluronic acid and other high molecular weight substances through the skin. The second integrated system includes a capacitive radiofrequency that is considered “daughter of tecartherapy”, used in the field of physiotherapy.

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