What are the perfect shoes for winter?

Although many people choose to wear the same shoes, whatever the season, it is convenient adapt our shoes to the climate of the time. Especially important is this maxim with the arrival of cold. If you are not sure which shoes to choose, we will tell you which are the perfect shoes for winter.

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What are the perfect shoes for winter?

When it comes to wearing sneakers, you have two main options. On the one hand, buy a pair of sneakers and wear them until they last. In this case, we recommend you take a look at the New Balance bestsellers that are trending. On the other hand, you can adapt to the season you are in, the most recommended option. In this case, we are going to start by telling you which are the perfect shoes for winter, since it is the most difficult time due to low temperatures.

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Year after year, the R&D of the brands better combines fashion, comfort, warmth and design. It is no longer enough that winter shoes keep you warm, they must also look spectacular. And best of all, they get it. We tell you which are the perfect sneakers for winter and why you should keep them in mind this season.

New Balance 47/50 x Staud

The numbering does not deceive. The New Balance 47/50 x Staud drink from their predecessors, the New Balance 574. Of course, they are presented with a more groundbreaking, colorful and fun version. A sporty design ideal for winter that proposes leaving muted tones aside and opting for an unusual combination of pastel and citrus colors.

Without a doubt, New Balance’s collaboration with Staud continues to deliver masterpieces, after recovering the New Balance 327. This time, it is for sneakers that are going to be a trend this winter.

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The price of the New Balance 47/50 x Staud shoes is 15o euros

Vans Anaheim Factory SK8-Hi 38

If you’re a fan of Vans, you’re in luck. The skater firm par excellence has models for the four seasons of the year, but in winter, models like the Vans Anaheim Factory SK8-Hi 38 look like few others.

A classic high top that honors the first Vans factory in Anaheim, California, is an updated version of the original Sk8-Hi. A retro model that is completely current and whose color catalog allows you to choose up to 15 options. From prints, to animal print, through red, black or blue, among others. In addition, depending on what you are looking for, you can choose between suede or fabric, two ideal fabrics to spend the winter with solvency.

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The price of the Vans Anaheim Factory SK8-Hi 38 shoes is 90-110 euros

Salomon Utility Freeze Climasalomon Waterproof

A list of perfect winter shoes is inconceivable without Salomon on it. Specialized in outdoor sports, Salomon has in the Utility Freeze Climasalomon Waterproof an alternative for daily use, with a medium shaft and a completely waterproof design. In other words, if you live in areas with a lot of rain, don’t hesitate, the Salomon Utility Freeze Climasalomon Waterproof are your winter shoes.

In addition, they have the renowned Winter Contragrip system that ensures perfect traction on wet, icy or snowy ground. Safety, design and durability. And it is that this model combines leather with elements of PU and mesh, to give a contemporary touch to a firm that, in general, opts for more classic designs. Added to this is the ClimaSalomon Waterproof membrane which, together with the inner fur lining, guarantees dry and warm feet at all times.

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The price of the Salomon Utility Freeze Climasalomon Waterproof shoes is 139.99 euros

Nike Air Force 1 GTX

The Nike Air Force 1 GTX recover the eternal basketball model that the firm popularized in the 80s and that continues to be a hit 40 years later. Its formula is simple: high quality leather, comfort and a Gore-Tex lining to keep the foot dry and in perfect condition. The perfect winter shoe comes from the past to make a splash in the present.

In addition, they do it with the classic Air cushioning, which guarantees a comfortable tread. Meanwhile, the ankle and tongue padding consolidate that comfort. Among the colors that you will find in the Nike Air Force 1 GTX catalog you have unusual tones such as anthracite, olive green or light grey, another hit from the North American brand.

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The price of the Nike Air Force 1 GTX shoes is 139.95 euros

Balenciaga Triple S

Demma Gvasalia is responsible for the fact that this winter wide shoes are worn, with a used look. His design for Balenciaga is a work of art that comes in more than a dozen colors, ranging from the most garish red, to the classic off-white, passing through blue, orange or galactic silver grey.

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Obviously, this is a shoe of superior quality. Made of 100% leather, with the embroidered logo and a faded effect that gives the Balenciaga Triple S an overwhelming personality. It goes without saying that they have flown in the firm’s online store, despite the prohibitive price.

The price of the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers is 775 euros

Gucci Basket

That retro is a trend that is clear when you see the Gucci Basket. High top model, inspired by the Reebok The Pump from the late 80s, with a high top and an overwhelming range of colours. Now, for the more conservative, there is also a more classic off-white option.

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Alessandro Michele has been responsible for this trip to the past that also uses ecological materials for its manufacture. That is, it looks like the highest quality leather, but they are natural ingredients, with no trace of animal skin. Of course, despite its eighties inspiration, Gucci does not forget to put its name and the logo of the house clearly visible on the tongue. In addition, they give it an old age patina so that the shoes look worn and old. A work of art not suitable for all budgets.

The price of the Gucci Basket sneakers is 950 euros

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