What are the NIKEs that change color with the sun

If you are a lover of sneakers, or in any case, a connoisseur and Follower of the Nike brand, you will know that one of the most recognized silhouettes by all and used for many years, are the Air Force One, if those shoes that have the same name as the plane of the president of the United States. But do you know which are the latest Air Forces that have come out?

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What are the new Nike Air Force?

Nike is a brand that works very well with all sports fashion, but not only in terms of quality, but also when it comes to offering its followers and customers classic products, but adapted to current times, and that is what happens with this model. . The Air Force is a model or silhouette recognized by everyone, whether you are a sneaker lover or not, which has always been associated with the most basic and combinable colors of all: black and white. However, Nike has been doing things very well, bringing among its novelties some specialized designs for parties like Christmas or Halloween, but this time, it is a more special shoe, designed to be able to wear two outfits in one.

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This specific model is known as the Air Force One UV and the novelty, in addition to the main feature, is that they change color with sunlight, even with some artificial ones. The good thing about these sneakers is that in addition to being an easy-to-wear silhouette, it is that by changing colors you can have several styles and with just one pair, also if there is something more special about this design, it is that all they are different from each other, so even though your friend is also wearing them, they will never have the same colors or with the same intensity.

It is not the first time that Nike has done something like this with this silhouette, on other occasions it has brought us Air Force shoes that change color with rubbing or with the wear of the skin itself, and you can even find another that comes with cut-out materials , so you can make it more personalized, like the design from several years ago that had velcro for its most iconic parts such as the swoosh. If you are daring and you like to improvise a bit with your clothes, do not hesitate and try to get them.

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