What are the necessary accessories for surfing?

There are sports, like soccer, that with a ball you already have everything done. However, others such as surfing require much more prior preparation and equipment. In fact, in addition to the sea, you will need to have everything ready to enjoy the waves. In case you are not sure, we will tell you what are the necessary accessories for surfing.

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What are the necessary accessories for surfing?

Many people think that with a surfboard and a great desire to have fun, it is enough to surf. Nothing is further from reality. When we review what are the necessary accessories for surfing, you will see that, at least, you need half a dozen elements to be able to practice this sport safely and in the best way.

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So, we tell you what are the necessary accessories for surfing

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It is not the only one of the necessary accessories for surfing, but it is the most relevant. In this case, there are countless types of surfboards. Your choice will depend on your experience as a surfer, the style you are going to practice or, why not say it, the money you want to spend. In fact, when you check which are the best surfboards, types, prices, comparisons and which one to choose, you will see that the price differences are tremendous.

When choosing, you should keep in mind that there are several types of surfboards:

  • Evolutionary surfboards
  • Foam surfboards
  • Cork surfboards
  • Wooden surfboards
  • Motorized surfboards

If you’re just starting out, his thing is to use a cork surfboard. Indicated for beginners, they are wider and thicker than usual to give more stability and fall less into the water. It also makes it easier to get up.


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Not a few people don’t even know what fins are, nor that they are one of the necessary accessories for surfing. That’s why we’re here. The fins happen to be the rudder of the surfboard. It is the key element that allows you to move the board, have stability and control the speed on the board.

When choosing fins, if you are not sure, it is better to get advice. And there are many elements that influence the ideal fin for your board. From the model you have chosen, to the area where you are going to surf, the waves you plan to catch and, above all, your level as a surfer.


Also known as wax, Paraffin is not only one of the necessary accessories for surfing, but without it it will be impossible to surf. Basically, paraffin is the non-slip element that you apply to the board. This way, you avoid falling and slipping on it, but you also add a point of traction that will come in handy.

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The Leash is also called an invention and it is one of the necessary accessories for surfing but also one of the mandatory ones. The objective of the Lesh is to safeguard the integrity of surfers, since it allows the board to be tied to the foot, so that it does not get lost when you fall off it, and that it does not hit other surfers or bathers in the area of ​​influence either.

Obviously, you find Leash of various types, diameters and lengths. However, the usual thing is that your Leash measures, more or less, the same as the length of the board. With that margin, you allow the board to have travel and also not hit you when you fall.

Surfboard Cover

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The surfboard cover must go hand in hand with the board. And if it is not included, do not hesitate to buy it. It is one of the necessary accessories for surfing because it will protect your board from scratches, blows and external aggressions. In addition to protecting them much better from blows, they also prevent the sun from wreaking havoc on them.

When choosing, you must do it between two types of surfboard covers:

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  • Professional case – You should buy a professional case if you are going to take long trips with it. They are padded on the inside, hard on the outside and shock absorbing. In addition, they have the advantage that they can accommodate more than one surfboard.
  • Towel cover – Recommended for short trips, they protect the board from the sun and dirt.


As you may have already seen, in person or on television, there are many types of wetsuits and the final choice will depend on the temperature of the water. Of course, always try on the wetsuit before buying it, as each brand has its own sizes, which complicates the purchase of one of the necessary accessories for surfing a bit

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Among the most prominent brands to buy your wetsuit, you have classics like O’Neill, Quiksilver or Roxy. It is normal to have several wetsuits, depending on the season of the year in which you are going to surf.

  • Neoprene suit for winter surfing – It is a long suit that completely covers the extremities and whose measurements are usually 5/4 mm, the first digit referring to the thickness of the suit on the chest and back, while the second refers to the thickness in the joints
  • Summer surf wetsuit – Known as shorty wetsuits, these have shorter limbs and are usually more comfortable and less bulky. Its measurements range between 3/2 mm or 2/2 mm.

It is important that, once you finish using the wetsuit, you wash it with fresh water and a special soap and store it upside down. Thus, in addition to prolonging its useful life, you will prevent bad odors from appearing due to humidity.

Socks, hat and gloves

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If you are going to surf in winter or in cold waters, among the necessary accessories for surfing you should include booties, a hat and gloves so that you do not get hypothermia. Not only will they protect you from low temperatures but, in the case of the booties, they will give you stability on the board, due to their sticky sole.

On the other hand, if you are on a rocky beach, they are highly recommended, you can avoid many bumps, twists or scratches.

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