What are the differences between an earring and a piercing?

Earring, piercing, earring… It has a thousand names, the fact of piercing the body to place a foreign element in that hole. Now, it has not stopped being a trend in decades. And despite this, not everyone knows the difference between an earring and a piercing

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What are the differences between an earring and a piercing?

When talking about the differences between an earring and a piercing, we find that they are easier to explain than it might seem.

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On the one hand, the earring is an earring that, as its name suggests, hangs from the ear where, historically, earrings began to be worn.

For its part, the piercing is an element that is fixed to the area chosen to be pierced. We are talking about eyebrow, lip, nose, navel, tongue… Any part of the body is susceptible to wearing a piercing, the common element is that the chosen element will be fixed and not pending, as the earring would.

In that case, what happens if the piercing has a link that allows it to dangle? For example, with some navel piercings. In that case, the piercing can also be referred to as an earring.

What does piercing mean?

Despite being an anglicism, the word piercing has been assumed in almost the entire world to define the punctual perforation of the human body.

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But, what does piercing mean at an etymological level? Literally, it is the gerund of the verb ‘to pierce’ or ‘to go through’. That is to say, in Spain it could be translated as perforando or traversando.

Historically, a piercing means body modification through a perforation that is used to place pieces of jewelry and other elements of body decoration. In many societies, piercings have meanings and values ​​on a cultural, spiritual, religious or romantic level. They are also associated, in some cases, with urban tribes, fashions or erotic myths.

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What does earring mean?

As regards the meaning of the word earring, just take a look at the synonyms, to know what we are talking about. Earring, earring, hoop, ring or tendril are just a few examples that could replace the word earring.

When we talk about earrings for the ear, it is a decorative element with a circular shape that goes through the ear at a specific point and remains pending on it. They can be made of titanium, steel, gold, silver, wood, mother-of-pearl or any hypoallergenic material that does not produce reactions or rejection in the human body.

On an ornamental level, the usual thing historically has been to wear them in the ear but, in recent decades, earrings have diversified throughout the body.

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However, without leaving the ear there are up to nine types of earrings, which will depend on the area in which we put it. Namely:

  • Cartilage
  • Industrial
  • Rook
  • Daith
  • Tragus
  • Comfortable
  • Snail
  • Anti-Tragus
  • Lobe

The advantage of earrings in the ear is that, since they do not have many nerve endings, they are not excessively painful.

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