WeChat, the app with over 300 million users

Fashion They are also interested in technology and staying connected to the best apps. Because being fashionable does not mean wearing the latest shirt from a specific firm or seasonal shoes, a ModaEllos man is also one who is connected to new technologies and that leads to being connected to social networks. Do you want to know what I’m talking about?

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And I want to talk about WeChat, an instant messaging social network. An application that has a life of two years and that has experienced an exponential rise in users around the world, reaching over 300 million users. This large increase is due to the arrival in the Spanish market.

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Its launch occurred on January 21, 2011, achieving a large number of users. 100 million the first year and that in the following 6 months the number of users doubled. Already in 2013 it has reached a new record captivating all the users of the world thanks to the wide range of possibilities of communication and entertainment without limits.

We can highlight that you have voice chat and it is totally free. You also have the possibility to share all your experiences through your social network “Moments” and to add new friends through the “Look” tool.

You have it available for all platforms, whether you have iOS or Android, such as Windows Phone, Symbian and the latest to have WeChat is Blackberry.

Download WeChat

Downloading it is very easy: Click on the image below.

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Or follow the steps below

  • Go to the App Store of your terminal or Google Play in the case of having an Android platform.
  • Select “Search” and enter WeChat in the search engine.

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  • Then click on Install and it will begin to download in your terminal.
  • Once the application is open we must register, where it will ask us for the telephone number.
  • We put it in and we have already completed the “Registration” to WeChat. We can now start using the application.

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