We get in shape with New Balance shoes

Today it is very common to combine informal garments with other formal ones. Now we can see men in suits wearing sneakers. The New Balance Shoes are the perfect footwear that can be used both in gyms or to do any type of sport or to put together the best informal and formal looks.

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You all know what New Balance are. These men’s sports shoes have a large number of models that are not only used for sports. In addition, these sneakers have flooded all the streets of the cities with their “N” on the side.

The New Balance Shoes are the most combinable footwear in men’s fashion, becoming a whim that will surely be part of the travel bag wherever you go and training. Its use has spread in thousands of fields. So much so that we now see them put in settings we never thought they would arrive in.

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There are more and more of us who dare to launch this type of footwear, full of different colors and fabrics, and include them in the formality of the suit or jacket.

The contrast that is translated is very great (at first a rejection can take place) but that gradually is seducing by its charm.

Although it seems a bit daring, it is a different way to break the routine of the typical suit or jacket combining it with the strong color that characterizes New Balance.

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Use this type of sneakers with skinny pants to highlight this type of footwear more. There are many men who like to wear New Balance with colored socks, but I leave it up to you.

Personally, a couple of New Balance models are not missing in my closet. I use them on any occasion, it doesn’t matter if I have to go with friends or to very important meetings. I’ve decided to make my looks a bit more daring and it seems to like it more and more.

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