Washing the face, how to do it correctly?

Washing our face is undoubtedly one of the most important acts we can do for our skin, since this process It is the basis of everything we call facial care. We can never have a well-cared and beautiful face if it is full of impurities or if we do not directly cleanse the skin correctly both in the morning and at night, therefore, it is clear that we must follow some fundamental steps to achieve it.

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What product do you use?, what are the steps you follow?, how many times do you clean your skin a day?, do you know if you are making a mistake?, etc. All these questions are what we are going to address in this article, since performing this routine correctly is without a doubt an essential act.

Many times when talking about cleaning the dermis it may seem that it is a really simple process, however on many occasions we make small mistakes that although they seem silly, over time they accumulate and little by little Little by little they give rise to some problems such as acne, blackheads, etc.

Now that you know that keeping your skin clean is something that we cannot ignore, it is time to start learning everything related to this topic as soon as possible and learn how to do it in the most correct way possible!

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But before we begin I am going to leave you here a link with the best facial cleansers on the market, so that you can quickly choose a good quality product: The 5 Best Facial Cleansers for Men.

Why is skin cleansing so important?

Surely you have ever wondered this, if so the answer is very simple but sometimes necessary to understand everything related to the health of the dermis.

As you know our skin is an organ that is constantly exposed to different external factors such as pollution, smoke, direct sunlight, sudden changes in temperature, etc. In addition to all the daily dirt that is found in the environment and that every day adheres to our dermis, clogging the pores.

Because of all this, it is completely necessary that we take care of the skin correctly, eliminating from it everything that we have previously named and protecting it from the same.

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Cleansing is the only way for the skin to feel free and thus be able to absorb in a much more effective way the properties of the other treatments that we put in the dermis, therefore it is useless to use expensive cosmetics if they cannot penetrate the skin due to the dirt that is clogging it.

How many times is it necessary to wash the face a day?

Many people are those who are not clear about the frequency of facial cleansing, some think that the ideal is to clean it once, while others do it 3 to 4 times daily. So both sides are confused.

The ideal thing to achieve a clean dermis and the frequency recommended by experts on the subject is twice a day, they also point out that the best times to carry them out are in the morning and at night.

Morning cleansing will remove dead cells from the face that accumulate during skin regeneration, as well as sweat and other particles that may be present. While cleaning at night will take care of removing from the dermis all the impurities that have accumulated during the day when we have gone out, in addition to makeup (if we have used it).

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As you can see, both moments are essential to ensure that the dermis is clean for most of the day, it is not enough to clean once as this would be short and we would not carry out the entire process.

Even so, we should not make the mistake of cleaning the face in an exaggerated way, since we could damage the dermis, eliminate its natural oils and achieve the opposite of a healthy appearance, the processes have their times and frequency and the ideal is always to respect them.

Am I making a mistake with cleaning?

There are times when we are not very sure about whether or not we do a treatment correctly and in this case it is very common, with so many ways of doing things nowadays, we do not know which is correct and which is not! but don’t worry because I’m going to talk about the most common mistakes we can make when cleaning our face.

If when you see them you see that you are actually doing something that is not considered correct, the time to change it and do it right is now, so be very careful!

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  • Go to bed without cleaning our face

This is the most common of all, how many times have you come home from work and said “I better clean my face tomorrow than now I’m exhausted”? I’m sure that on many occasions this phrase has been the protagonist and responsible for going to bed without cleaning your skin.

In order not to fall into this temptation, I recommend that you do it as soon as you get home, that is, do not wait until five minutes before going to bed, which is when you are most sleepy and therefore the least you want to get to sleep. perform this act.

In addition, another piece of advice is that you transform the moment of cleaning the dermis into a pleasant, pleasant and self-care process, leaving aside that feeling of obligation that makes us instinctively feel a slight rejection of this activity .

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  • Use the first soap you find

It is true that years ago soap bars were used for everything, even to wash the face by rubbing and rubbing until foaming, you can also do this today but it is recommended that you use a specific soap for this activity, with neutral pH and with natural substances (if possible).

Even so, today there are many cosmetics that will cleanse smoother and much more effectively, such as micellar water or cleansers. Now we are spoiled for choice!

Of course, the ideal is to find the product that is most suitable for the type of skin we have, for imperfections and of course the one that offers us the best results. You have to be very careful with the choice of cleanser, since we can make the mistake of choosing a creamy product with oily skin and this is sometimes a fairly common mistake.

If you want to know more information about the famous micellar water, in this post you will find everything you need: Micellar water, what is it and what is it for?

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  • Rinse skin with very cold or very hot water

When winter arrives and we have to wash our face, it is time to rinse our face with water and we all put the tap on hot water!, a mistake that is sometimes impossible to remedy because there are people who don’t They conceive the use of water that is not hot. Same goes for cold.

Now, we must know one thing and that is that extremes in terms of water are not good for our skin, excess cold or heat can remove the natural oils from our face and therefore damage the dermis .

The ideal is to always use warm water to treat the skin, in this way the treatment will be as respectful as possible and we will not have problems with the condition and health of the skin.

  • Use stiff towels and rub

How many of you are stupid when it comes to drying your face? The use of any towel without looking to see if it is soft or stiff and rubbing your face as if there were no tomorrow, are the most common mistakes when it comes to clean and dry the dermis.

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For this we will always have to choose a towel with soft cells, small to be able to handle it well and dry the face with delicate touches so that the fabric absorbs water without damaging the face.

  • Exercise a lot of time when washing your face

Due to how delicate the skin of this area of ​​the body turns out to be, it is very common that if we spend time washing our face, warning symptoms appear on our face, many times (especially with cosmetics that foam ) we didn’t remember to stop rubbing the skin.

The ideal time that we should be washing the skin is about 20 or 30 seconds, since if we exceed this time we can manage to eliminate the skin’s own hydration and leave it completely dry and dehydrated.

In addition to these errors, there are some more, such as the use of make-up remover wipes (somewhat ineffective) or the excessive use of exfoliating (which, as you know, is only recommended once a week), but the reality is that these are the most frequent and I’m sure that if you make a mistake, it’s these ones above, so from now on you won’t make these mistakes again!

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Steps to follow to properly wash the face

Now that we have seen what are the mistakes that we usually make when it comes to cleaning the skin, the only thing that remains is to talk about the steps that we really have to follow to carry out the process correctly, so stay tuned! to the following guidelines!

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  • First step: Remove makeup (optional)

Are you one of those men who puts makeup on their skin? The first thing you should do when cleaning the dermis is to remove that makeup that is clogging the pores, for this you will have to choose an effective and good quality makeup remover.

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That it is of good quality is not the same as saying, “an expensive makeup remover”, just pay attention that the formulation is good and offers good results, this is enough for the choice to be appropriate.

To remove makeup we will use cotton discs and we will pass them over the skin (especially in those areas that we have made up) and we will not stop passing the disc until it comes out completely clean.

  • Second step: Use the cleaner

Once the dermis is completely removed from make-up, it is time to clean it and remove all impurities from it. For this, the ideal is to choose a cleanser that is consistent with our skin type, since as you will know in the There are many formats and styles of this product on the market.

To use it we will only have to take some cotton discs or if you prefer reusable discs (much more sustainable with the planet and cheaper for our pockets), soak it in the lotion and wipe it over our face without leaving any area behind , it is important that we remove all the dirt.

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Remember that the ideal is to check at the end if we have really eliminated all impurities from the skin.

  • Third step: The tonic

After the facial cleanser, it is essential that we use a toner, since this cosmetic will take care of putting everything in its place, that is, the possible alterations that the skin has suffered with the other previous cosmetics, it is essential that we remedy them and that’s what the beloved tonic is for.

This product will be in charge of balancing the skin’s pH, closing the pores and leaving the dermis prepared for the following treatments that we put on it, so that it will improve their absorption.

To use it, the process is identical to the two previous ones, with a soaked cotton or reusable disc we pass it all over the skin until we notice how it remains hydrated and with a comforting sensation.

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  • Fourth step: Moisturize the skin with a good cream

The last step of the facial cleansing routine is to moisturize the face. It is clear that after so much cleaning and use of cosmetics, we should not skip this important step, since the skin will need hydration to function properly.

To choose a moisturizer we will have to pay attention to whether it is suitable for our skin, since each ingredient will provide different functions and not everyone needs the same thing.

To apply it, you can use a spatula to remove it from the jar and then with your fingertips spread it all over the skin, the ideal is to make circular movements and not be too rough, but apply a little pressure to benefit the act of absorption, in addition we will also improve the blood circulation of the skin.

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In addition to these steps we also have the use of exfoliants, serums and facial masks that we can introduce depending on the tastes of each person, for example the serum can be a cosmetic for daily use but nevertheless the exfoliant and the mask are recommended to be used only once a week, so choose a day to do a deeper treatment!

With all this information, I hope you do not have any doubts about how to carry out a good facial cleansing routine, since we have talked about the most common mistakes and the steps to follow so that the process is most satisfactory.

Now all that remains is for you to choose your cosmetics well and get down to work with your skin care!

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