Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Photos

In the 21st century, with hairdressers who make authentic works of art on your head, there are those who think that shaving your head only has one way. Nothing is further from reality. The options are currently multiple and it is convenient that you know them because, surely, you will want to try one. These are the Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Photos

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Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Photos

Times have changed and, luckily, so have hairdressers. It is true that, many, many years ago, shaving your head was similar to shearing sheep. All the same, a minute of cutting and running. Nowadays, the Types of Shaved Heads for Men are so varied that we must categorize them to know which one will suit us best.

Photo: @igferba

If you still haven’t decided on your next look, take a look at these photos of Shaved Heads for Men that will help you choose.

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Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Classic

Photo: @bsguys

The first of the Types of Shaved Men is the classic shaved head, the same that was done to those who did Military Service, until the end of the 20th century in Spain. As simple as taking the razor and setting it to 0.5 or 1 and shave the entire head equally.

Photo: @baldcafe

The advantages of this Type of Shaved for Men is its comfort and the fact that you can spend several weeks without worrying about your hair. The bad thing, among other things, is that in winter you can get cold. Also, if you have a scar or bump on your head, it will be more than visible. If you want to give it a tough look, feel free to grow a beard to match it.

Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Burr

Photo: @yspikeyness

The Burr cut is another of the Types of Shaved Heads for Uniform Men. In fact, it is similar to the classic cut but without hastening the shave so much, that is, leaving the razor at 1.5 or 2. In this case, the hair that remains on the head will already scrape when you pass your hand, something that will It will make a lot of people when they see you, so be patient.

Photo: @ptrogers1980

Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Hair Tattoo

Photo: @stefano-silva

If you want one of the most groundbreaking and flattering Types of Shaved Men, nothing like getting what is known as a Hair Tattoo. Obviously, this will depend on the hairdresser you go to and that he knows how to do it. Luckily, there are more and more hairdressers where you can do, if you want, the Sistine Chapel on your crown.

Photo: @stefano-silva

From a diagonal on the forehead, to a side stripe, going through a tribal motif on the side, a heart on the back or a lightning bolt over the ear. The options are endless and your head, the canvas.

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Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Butch

Photo: @richi-zu

Despite the fact that shaving is more and more popular, there are those who still have qualms about going beyond a certain length when it comes to shaving their heads. For all of them, among the Types of Shaved Men they have the Butch.

Photo: @matutypie

In this case, the razor oscillates between a 3 and a 4, which leaves the hair shaved and even but with a length that allows some movement, even combing it minimally. With this alternative you get an easy look to maintain without going to the extreme of almost complete shaving. However, the next step to the Butch, is the classic.

Types of Shaved Heads for Men | dyed

Photo: @maluma

Those who think that dyed hair is only for long hair, is that they have never set foot in a hairdresser’s in their life. And it is that, nothing is further from reality. Among the Types of Shaved Men you will find a whole palette of colors with which to decorate your hair and give it a groundbreaking point.

Photo: @zayn

Also, men long ago made the jump to dyed blonde hair, which seemed the only option until the late 20th century. In recent times, you can see skinheads dyed in blue, red, pink, rainbow… That said, a whole palette of colors.

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Types of Shaved Heads for Men | Gradient

Photo: @tijeras-de-triana

Among the Types of Shaved Men, the degraded has been preferred by men of all ages for years and years. And it is because it adapts to all tastes and heads, being a very versatile look.

The degraded haircut consists of shaving the sides very short, even completely, although it can also be 0.5 or 1 and leave the upper part somewhat longer. How much? That is to the taste of the consumer but, in recent times, the length of the upper part that is sweeping does not exceed 2.

Photo: @tijeras-de-triana

The majestic thing about this look is that if it starts with a 0 on the sides and ends with a 2 at the top, the path that it travels goes through all the intermediate points. That is, the gradient is from more to less shaved, creating a flattering effect and one of the most successful Types of Shaved Men in history.

Types of Shaved Heads for Men | with beard

Photo: @barberiaoscarblanco

We finish the Types of Shaved Heads for Men with an element that, despite not being on the head, greatly influences the way we perceive the shave we have done: the beard.

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Combining the type of shave for men that we wear with the appropriate beard can give us a leap in quality in our image as a whole. And, the options are endless. From matching the beard with the length of the hair and leaving the whole head uniform, to shaving the head as much as possible and letting the beard grow hipster style.

Photo: @barberiaoscarblanco

Another option that succeeds is the three-day beard combined with the gradient. A simple but highly effective alternative. Of course, despite being a three-day beard, it also requires your care and haste. In fact, if you are going to choose to combine your type of shave for men with a beard to match, the recommendation that we make is to go to the barbershop every time you go to the hairdresser.

One of the disadvantages of short hair is that if we always want to wear it perfectly, we will have to go to the hairdresser and barbershop often. And yes, it is an important investment but it will also have an impact on ensuring that your facial and hair appearance is always impeccable. That adds up to whatever situation you find yourself in.

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