Trends in men’s haircut 2021

On many occasions, when we visit the stylist, we usually resort to the idea of ​​a haircut that is not a style own, but it is the adaptation of the different trends and styles that have taken as their own the Haircuts of celebrities and renowned artists that we usually see on television or on the big screen, which we bring below to see what will be trends in men’s haircut 2021.

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Trends in men’s haircuts 2021

Haircuts that are trending in 2021 | Video

The hair trends for 2021 that you are going to see below have been taken from five celebrities, although those will be after commenting on a couple of important things for this year’s haircut trends. Five men who usually stand out for their style and who are also the ones who tend to set the trend every time they appear with a new haircut.

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We will look especially at the cut, as well as the hairstyle and style, since many love to play with the tones of their natural color, others are almost affiliated with dyes and highlights, and others, with hair and virgin and natural color, they focus more on the size of the length, rather than playing with the cut and the color.

Trends in men’s haircuts 2021 | curly hair

When we talk about cuts and hairstyles for men, it is very common to choose styles and models that have straight hair, or at most, wavy. However, curls are also present, and increasingly so, in men’s hair trends. And it is that everyone has their sexy point, if they demeanor, their sandy crumb also counts. And you don’t know how much!

And this seems very curious to us, the fact that we almost always talk about straight hair, because a large part of the boys fight daily with somewhat stubborn curly hair. But it is precisely because they only take this type of guy as an example that those with wavy hair do not know how to care for or treat their hair.

This is so, from now on keep in mind that not everything is valid for you, and that your type of hair grows if you understand and value your personality. Do not try to be something that you are not. It’s okay to iron sometime, especially if what you want is to vary your style or try new hairstyles, but you don’t need it, in your nature there is also the attractive touch that drives others crazy with envy.

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For the curls, a dryer and some foam to apply dry will be great. We will give life to the curl, but we will fix it gently so that it remains as we want, or wet, for the gelled effect.

It is also good to know that, as the perfect complement, nothing will make curly hair or a beard stand out and unify at the same time. It is not recommended to leave it very populated, although you have a bit of play if you like it a bit scruffy, since it will add a plus of attractiveness to your look.

But as I say, nothing to grow the longest beard in the world, the hipster can be fine if it is not taken to the extreme, because it is not a question of hiding behind a mop of facial hair. It is very likely that you are more attractive than you think, so no hiding behind an excessive beard.

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Trends in men’s haircuts 2021 | Famous

Next, we leave you with this list of five celebrities who set the trends for men’s haircuts 2021. You will know them all, or at least almost all of them, since their popularity is only growing. Is it due to his style when combing his hair? Who knows!

David Beckham

If we have to look at men’s haircut trends, it is evident that we have to look at David Beckham. The soccer star always sets the trend and for 2021 it seems that he is joining the fashion of wearing his hair with a very marked parting and with shaved sides. This is undoubtedly the most “trendy” hairstyle for the new year.

Eddie Redmayne

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Does Eddie Redmayne ring a bell? Well, write down his name since he has been one of the outstanding actors of previous years, and although he sounded like a possible Oscar candidate for “The Theory of Everything”, now, with “The Danish Girl” he will surprise us even more. He has been chosen by many fashion experts as one of the most stylish men of the year. For 2021, it stands as a fashion icon and also for the way it wears its hair in a disheveled style, with some strands paraded and that it takes you a long time to copy it for next year.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans is another of the actors who have stood out in previous years. Thanks to films like “Dracula – The Legend Untold” this actor has also become the target of many stylists who highlight the many cuts and hairstyles he has had in recent years, mainly for work reasons. Now you can imitate its high cut almost similar to a quiff.

Adam Levine

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The singer Adam Levine is always chosen as one of the most attractive men in the world and part of his charm lies precisely in knowing how to choose his hairstyle very well. After a phase of shaving and another of a toupee, now he is aiming for a modern cut, with the raised central part and which is perfect to wear throughout 2021.

Zac Efron

And finally, we look at the style of a boy who convinces us more and more every time we see him. Does anyone remember the hair Zac Efron wore when he was the adolescent protagonist of “High School Musical”? He was partly responsible for the fact that in 2008 and 2009 many men signed up to get their bangs back, but all that was left behind and today Efron is a young man who is almost 30 years old and who shows off the classic cut with a side part like no other. It’s perfect and you can style your hair the same way in the new year, what do you think?

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