Trends in men’s fashion from the hand of Silbon

Next we are going to share the bestsellers of Silbon, one of the men’s fashion firms that they cover all the necessary day-to-day looks: suits, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, jeans, accessories, cardigans, among other interesting items. Bestsellers that show us the trends in men’s fashion of the moment.

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Silbon Costumes

Finding a suit that fits well is not always an easy task. Let’s face it, it’s not just about the hanger one has, but also about the design and one’s own style because for one to feel comfortable in a suit and wear it, it has to be similar to their way of understanding fashion.

In Silbon suits you will see a great variety of designs, colours, cuts, sizes… You will be able to see day-to-day suits, suits for an event or for ceremonies (suits for grooms, groomsmen and guests). From the brand they assure that they take the designs of the suits very seriously, both the two-piece and the three-piece, always seeking that they fit well but without the man who wears them losing movement, that they are comfortable and resistant.

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You will also see that there are summer and winter suits, opting in the first place for light fabrics such as linen, and wool for colder days.

Top parts

One of the colors that will be very present this year and that in the summer season looks phenomenal, is this sky blue that stands out wherever it goes. In addition, the type of cut and the brand design look great.

You will also be able to find t-shirts, polo shirts and shirts among the bestsellers. Undoubtedly, it is one of those brands that knows how to design for all tastes and all events of the day. As for the colors, you will see that there is something for all tastes, from those who prefer the most classic tones in white or gray, or those who bet on giving a little more color to their clothes on a day-to-day basis, like this t-shirt bubblegum pink.

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This type of 5-pocket pants in stone color is one of the bestseller garments of this season. Totally timeless pants but a tone that we usually see more in this summer season. It also complies with the latest fashion, slim type and with personalized closure.

Here we have a jean available in Silbon, made of cotton and with a percentage of elastane that makes it a more comfortable garment. This time, we show it to you in a medium blue color, it is also slim-fit and has a personalized metallic button with a leather label on the back.


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If there is a shoe that never goes out of style, it is the alpagartas. We see them year after year being the co-stars of the summer and this shoe is completely timeless, being able to achieve informal but stylish looks with it.

Another great classic are the sneakers. In this brand you will also see a more sporty style but I did not want to pass up the opportunity for you to see this classic design with a rejuvenating touch and a fun color combination.


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At Silbon they also have accessories for day to day, from more formal to more casual accessories. To give you an idea of ​​everything you have available: wallets, purses, water bottles, caps, belts, suspenders, cufflinks, card holders, sunglasses, hats, fragrances, masks, bow ties, handkerchiefs, iPhone cases, among others. so many other accessories that can help you create a unique and completely personalized look to your liking.

And if you want to enjoy the sales, know that you still have time and you can find discounts of up to 60%.

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