Trends in t-shirts: Converse summer 2013

On many occasions we have talked about Converse brand footwear, we have seen different designs both the typical All Star and the seasonal models where we can find more summery prints or that refer to a character. Have you seen the t-shirts yet?

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The truth is that now we could do articles about a complete look of the Converse brand and how to combine your shoes with their t-shirts to get a personal and flattering look.

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The Converse have become one of the most urban and most used brands in the sense that it does not matter how you dress, it does not matter if you are looking for an informal or more casual look because the reality is that with the Converse it seems that always you get that touch you need to be between sporty and stylish.

Regarding textile fashion, the truth is that we find different looks, some t-shirts do tend more towards a more sporty expression while others could perfectly be used as a more casual look in which we always see some reference to the brand in their design. , either with the “C”, the full word or the famous star that characterizes it.

I personally hope that they proceed to new designs and let themselves go beyond putting their brand name on clothing, that they can find that personal touch that they have found in footwear and transfer it to clothing.

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