Transformer costume for Halloween 2022

We have already seen in previous entries how to make a The Walking Dead zombie costume for Halloween or which are the most original of all, although another good idea is to be inspired by the cinema and if you want an original and at the same time spectacular costume, we recommend that you choose to look like a transformer. Next in Modaellos, Transformer Costume for Halloween 2022. It depends on the model you choose, it is somewhat complicated but not impossible at all. Let’s get to it!

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Transformer Costume for Halloween 2022

Do you want to be a robot this Halloween or for Halloween 2022? So the best of all is being able to make your own Transformer costume, the transformable robots from the movies (and games) and that you can get with a little ingenuity and materials that we all have on hand.

Make your own Transformers costume or be the best Prime Optimus on your neighborhood block. If you want to get it, you will need all these materials:

Materials for the Transformers costume

  • Boxes
  • Painting
  • Adhesive tape
  • Empty rolls of kitchen paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Clothes
  • Transformer Mask

Step by step of the Transformer costume

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Step 1:

    You have to get a large square box that will serve as the body to make the suit.

    You will need to cut a large hole at the top for the head, a hole at the bottom for the torso, and a hole on each side for the arms.

    This will be the “armor” of your suit, that is to say, you better not cut if you are not sure of the dimension of each hole.

    You should measure the contour of your head as well as the neck, in the same way as the shoulders and arms as well as the waist.

    On the other hand, there are those who, instead of placing only one box and drilling holes, choose to place two so that they have a front and a rear part.

    I think it’s much more complicated but if you want to try it… that’s right, make sure that both boxes are joined by the men’s area so that your Transformer body looks uniform.

Step 2

    You should get two boxes that are rectangular in shape. You should make a hole at the top and bottom of each one.

    You will be wearing these boxes as if they were the sleeves, so make sure the arms fit correctly. Do the exact same thing with two identical rectangular boxes for the legs.

    If you are looking at the photos that we attached to the post, you will realize that the boxes seem to be lined with red insulating or adhesive tape.

    That’s how it is, since in this way each part of the box can be reinforced and by the way we are decorating it. You can choose to be the Transformer that you like the most and for this you can place the color of tape that is similar to that of the robot suit that you wish.

Step 3

    We begin to decorate. For this I have already mentioned the colored tape similar to your Transformer, but we do not have to do everything in this way either.

    Later on we will explain that you have to paint the costume, although you can also choose to place aluminum foil as you see, in the image above.

    Place it all over the place so that your box becomes more and more like a metallic robot.

Step 4

    To make the exhaust pipes for the suit use the empty kitchen paper rolls. Cut them in different lengths and glue them to the back of the box than the body of the suit.

    In this way it will give the sensation that they are the propellers that give you impulse.

Step 5

Paint your boxes to match the color of your favorite Transformer. In the boxes that correspond to the arms and legs, paint a weapon on one side, and a tire on the other.

This way when the box is rotated around the arm or leg you can pretend to transform from robot to vehicle.

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This is the final result of the Transformer costume that we wanted to make for this Halloween or also for Carnival 2022. It is not easy but it is not impossible either. It is enough to have enough boxes and above all a good dose of patience so that little by little you will get it. It’s also quite a laborious costume so don’t wait until the last day and now is a good time to start making it.

Transformer Halloween 2022 Costume | makeup

We have already seen how you can make your Transformer costume step by step, and completely, for this Halloween or Carnival 2022, but we also recommend that you know how to do your makeup.

The costume explained above may mean that you have to invest a lot of time, and if you don’t have it, perhaps the best option is to buy the costume already made.

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But what about the face? Surely all of you will think that wearing the Transformer helmet will be enough but the truth is that it is actually much better if you have your makeup ready.

How to do transformer makeup

The good thing about this makeup is that it’s much easier than actually doing the whole costume, so if you want to be able to become Optimus Prime, you can do the following.

For this makeup you will need:

    White paint

    black paint

    blue paint

How to do it

Looking at the guy wearing the makeup above, we see that we have to paint the face in the three colors mentioned, blue, white and black, to shape our face as if it were a robot.

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I would start with the white base. Painting the areas of the face below the eyes, next to the nose, around the mouth and almost to the forehead. Once this is done, I would take the blue color and paint the forehead, leaving a space in the center to make that pentagon in blue, with the interior in white and with stripes in black.

The sides of the face are also blue, look at the second photo, and you will see how the boy’s face is blue and then he has added a circle and a line with black.

Actually, black is the color that will serve to define all your makeup, so it will be good if you have it on the stick so that you can work more easily with it.

It is not much more complicated, although if you want to see another example I recommend that you look at this other option for your Halloween 2022 makeup.

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Half face transformer makeup

In this other option they have dedicated themselves to painting a half face with the color blue, and instead of white they have used black to blend it over the first white base and make it look with a metallic effect. A great idea!.

In addition, with black they have drawn more details, more lines and have added a bit of yellow to the eyebrow, just as Optimus Prime looks like in the original movie.

If you want to be able to read other articles related to the best costumes for this Halloween 2022, we recommend that you read this special that we have prepared.

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Halloween horror makeup with mask

Once we have already seen how we can make a Transformer costume for Halloween 2022 or also for Carnival 2022, we also want to talk to you about horror makeup for Halloween with a mask. Why? Well, because maybe if you dress up as a Transformer you can’t bear wearing a helmet or covering your face, so you can choose to put on a mask, or we must also not forget about the pandemic situation we are currently experiencing.

In this way, we can choose to wear a Transformers costume, either homemade or purchased, and do makeup that consists of something similar to what was seen above, but add a mask like the one you see above. Or we can choose to wear only the costume and also put on the mask.

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We can, for example, paint the face of the color that our Transformer is, for example yellow or silver or blue or dark gray without having to add many more details since in reality, for the face, it will be much more advisable that we put on one mask like the one you see above, or this one that you can see below.

Wearing a mask can also help us not to have to overdo it a lot when we put on make-up for a Transformer costume. In fact we can focus mainly on the eyes as we see in the photo below. A make-up for a Bumblebee costume focused on drawing and making up the upper part of the mask or face of this character, in black and yellow.

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So then you can wear any of the masks that we have shown you, or also this other one that you see below and that is perfect for a Halloween dedicated to the Transformers, and in particular, to Bumblebee.

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