All of Maluma’s hairstyles

Maluma is one of the most influential people on the music scene today, his music sounds everywhere and everyone copies his style, including his hairstyles.

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But copying Maluma’s hairstyle is not that easy, because the singer does not last long with the same style, so if you want to be fashionable and look like Maluma, keep reading this article to see all Maluma hairstyles.

All Maluma’s hairstyles | long hair

Long hair is one of Maluma’s most common ways of wearing his hair. It seems that when he doubts his hairstyle or simply prefers to leave it before making another radical change, he always opts for longer hair. It usually has the side areas and sometimes the rear part much shorter. The upper part, next to the bangs, always tends to be left longer than normal and sometimes we can see him with careful hair or simply, to his luck.

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All Maluma’s hairstyles | collected hair

When Maluma gets tired of his long hair, most of the time he just cuts off the sides and the back. Once you have these areas shaved or shaved, the top part begins, which is picked up and a hairstyle similar to a toupee is made, only in this case it does not have any part on the sides, everything is centered.

All Maluma’s hairstyles | spiky hair

This hairstyle has not been seen in Maluma for a long time, but the reality is that it was with spiky hair that he became known. A more common hairstyle in youth, with the sides and back shaved and with very little hair on top, just enough to use a bit of hair gel.

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All Maluma’s hairstyles | shaved hair

One of the hairstyles that the singer has used the most lately. Simple, fast and practical, in addition, it does not look bad. For this hairstyle you can play with the number of the machine when shaving, leaving a slight difference between the top and the rest; Also, you can always make a drawing or a line, like the one Maluma is wearing in the photo.

All Maluma’s hairstyles | Braids

The braids are possibly the weirdest and most extravagant type of hairstyle that Maluma has used, although that does not mean that it looks bad on him. This hairstyle is more frequent to see them in summer or in hot weather, in fact the singer took the opportunity to comb his hair like this on one of his vacations. To be able to do this hairstyle you not only need to have long hair, but also strong and hard hair so that it resists better.

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Maluma is a person who always likes to try new hairstyles and cuts, which is why he surely continues to surprise us with more haircuts, some of them very extravagant.

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