Toast at these parties

The new campaign for the most famous cava, Freixenet, has arrived. For 4 decades, they have congratulated us on the holidays accompanied by celebrities from the world of cinema, music, sports and entertainment, but this year they wanted to take a turn to hand over the baton to consumers. Take a look at the video.

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As every year, the new campaign for the most famous cava, Freixenet, arrives. For four decades now, world celebrities, whether from cinema, music, sport or entertainment, have accompanied us along with this spot, but this year they wanted to do something different by handing over the baton to consumers, as you can see in the previous video .

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For the making of the video, they have chosen a reason to toast, created their own video that illustrates this and uploaded it to the famous YouTube channel that the brand prepared specifically for this campaign. From among all the videos that were uploaded, Director Bigas Luna selected the best among all the candidates, and which have become part of the Freixenet spot for these holidays. Watch the video.

Each video that was selected received a prize of 3000 euros, and the best of all is that, among all of them, the one that has been chosen as the best video by Bigas Luna, has obtained a “Scholarship for New Director or Film Project” , valued at 20,000 euros. The rest of the videos sent by viewers can be seen on the brand’s YouTube channel.

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