Thor costume for Halloween 2022

Halloween night is approaching and whether you are a fan of comics or you like superhero movies, you know the character of Thor, the god of thunder. This year there is a new film about the Norse god called “Thor: Ragnarok” which is based on the end of his world, of Asgard, and there is nothing more terrifying than the destruction of a planet, for that reason and because the end will be very close. Halloween 2022, dressing up as Thor or one of the characters that will appear in the movie can be a great idea to enjoy this night of partying.

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Thor Costume

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For Thor’s costume we must take into account his clothes, his hair and above all his famous hammer of power. You can find Thor’s costume in any costume or toy store, both in sizes for children and adults. Most of the costumes incorporate a red tunic and his famous helmet.

To get Thor’s long blonde hair we will only need a wig, which is easy to find in any store or department store. More complicated may be finding Mjolnir, the name of the god’s hammer. The best thing is that you go directly to buy it on Amazon, where you can find it in different sizes and weights, depending on whether it is a child or an adult who uses it.

To complete the look, we can use a Norse god’s mask, especially if we don’t want to wear the wig.

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Hulk Costume

Another of the characters that appears in the film and that is very famous is the green giant, if we talk about the Hulk. Although the protagonist of the film is the Norse god, our favorite giant will be very important. We are going to divide the costume into four parts: the torso, the legs, the hands and the head.

For the legs we have two options: we can take any purple pants we have or a dark jean. The other option would be to get the whole suit, where it comes with the famous ripped pants. If you want to add more realism to the costume, you can buy the feet of the green giant.

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For the torso, in addition to being able to choose the full body costume, we can also find long padded shirts that simulate the Hulk’s muscles. You shouldn’t have a problem getting it at any costume shop.

If there is something that stands out about the Hulk, it is his powerful hands, capable of destroying everything in his path. It is best that you buy them at any costume store. The cuffs can be found in two ways. Some are made with soft materials, as if they were stuffed animals, and the others, which we recommend, are harder and more durable.

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Lastly, let’s go with the face of the green beast. Whether you go to any costume store or if you want to buy it in an online store, you will find several different models. Some vary the shades of green, some change in the skin and others in the hair. We believe that you should go for the one that has a similar tone to the green of the torso.

Loki Costume

Loki, Thor’s stepbrother, is a main character in this movie. Loki played the villain in the previous movies, however in this one he will help his brothers to prevent bad things from happening.

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To dress up as Loki we must take into account that it is a very elaborate suit, because it has many pieces. We prefer to buy a set like the one in the image, to which only a few elements would have to be added.

The elements that we can add to the costume are a helmet and a rod. If you can’t find them in any store, you can make them with cardboard. For the wand, add a ball of foil to the top of the wand. For the helmet, do something similar. Take any old helmet and with cardboard, make the horns that its helmet has. Glue them to the hull and when they are well attached, use gold paint to give it a similar color.

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Doctor Strange Costume

The character of Doctor Strange was not very well known, until a year ago his own movie came out and he gained a lot of fame. In this film, despite the fact that he will not have the same role as the previous characters, he will be very important for the development of the story.

The costume consists of a long blue piece, a red tunic and a fairly wide brown belt. In department stores you can find the entire costume.

If you prefer, you can take the costume pieces separately. To complete the costume, we can add an accessory that completes the costume. In this case, the Eye of Agamotto, a small necklace that gives the wearer more power.

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