The tricks to wash white clothes and bleach them

How can we make a white shirt always stay like the first day, wash after wash? How to make the sheets always look very white? There are many tricks to wash white clothes and bleach them and we will reveal them to you below.

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Washing clothes and disinfecting them is not the same as dedicating yourself to ensuring that white clothes not only maintain that bright white color that they have the first day, but also that they can be bleached so that they recover their natural tone in case of that we see that it begins to “yellow”, something that usually happens if the clothes already have a certain time or if, in fact, we have not washed them correctly. Let’s see then what tricks we have to wash white clothes well and also whiten them.

Baking soda

One of the oldest tricks is the use of baking soda that can remove the grayish or yellowish tone that clothes take on.

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Did you know that baking soda is very effective in removing these yellow stains? A white item of clothing, a pillowcase, a tablecloth, or any item of clothing for that matter, that is white in color, will be as good as new thanks to the baking soda.

To be able to use this trick or remedy, we just have to wash our white clothes in a complete cycle with cold water in the washing machine. After that wash is finished, we need to perform an additional wash by adding a cup of baking soda to the water.

When we finish that second wash cycle, we will see that the clothes come out pristine white, but if this is not the case, we can repeat the process without problem.

Lemon juice

If you want to use a 100% natural laundry bleach, you should consider lemon juice.

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In fact, thanks to the acid present in lemons, they are very useful for the natural whitening of clothes. You can use lemon juice or also lemon slices to put inside the washing machine.

All you have to do is place a cup of lemon juice in the washing machine after your normal wash. Now, spin the clothes that you want to whiten with only water and that lemon juice. Once the spin is finished you will only have to hang the clothes in the sun for several hours.


One of the best allies and an old trick to whiten clothes and make them look like new. After washing your clothes, put them out in the sun to dry.

Sodium Percarbonate

Have you ever heard of this product? Don’t confuse it with baking soda even though it looks similar. This product is very little known and is an ideal oxygen-based bleaching agent to effectively restore whiteness to clothing.

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You can buy it at any pharmacy and you can use it at any time to whiten clothes and white fabrics, adding a small amount to the normal wash you do in the washing machine.

Potato water

How about trying this homemade potato-based recipe to whiten clothes? To try this home hack, do the following:

  • Cook one or two potatoes.
  • Cut a piece of potato and rub the clothes with the still hot potato.
  • Rinse the garment with water and finish washing in the washing machine by doing a normal wash as you normally do.

Oxygenated water

Hydrogen peroxide, which is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide, has bleaching properties as long as it is 30% oxygenated. In order to apply this trick on your white clothes, you must first take a whole container that you are going to fill with hot water. Then add about 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and mix well.

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Next, take the white clothes and put them in the water, leaving them to soak for between 2 and 4 hours. After that time, rinse the clothes well and proceed to wash them in the washing machine. You will see that it has completely recovered the target it had lost.


Milk is an ingredient present in almost all homes, but in addition to serving for breakfast, snacks or to prepare desserts and meals, it can also be useful for whitening clothes and, moreover, in a very effective way.

It should be clarified that, although it is very effective for white and gray clothes, milk is not as effective for those clothes that have acquired a yellowish color over time.

If your clothes are made of white cotton, linen or silk, apply a little milk to the stains and let it dry. Once it has been removed, it will suffice to put it in the washing machine and do a normal wash.

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For an effect that is even more whitening, you can leave your clothes soaked in a milk bath for about an hour or two. Finally, all you have to do is hang your clothes outdoors and in full sun.

This is a great trick to whiten clothes and quickly restore shine, especially cotton and linen.


The trick of using yeast to whiten clothes is little known, but it works wonders. All we have to do is put a sachet of chemical yeast in the soap compartment of the washing machine when you wash clothes. You will get whiter clothes without yellow stains.

You can also use the yeast on clothes that are stubbornly soiled, such as tablecloths and curtains.

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Marseille soap

Marseille soap is ideal for removing stains and can be used on all types of fabrics. Whether by hand or in the washing machine, it is an effective product for quick bleaching.

Do not mix

In this case we are not talking about a trick, but we are giving you a recommendation: never mix the different colors.

In one way or another, all colored clothing emits some of its dye. Precisely for this reason, it is extremely important that whites and colors never mix in the washing phase.

Have these tricks been useful to always keep your clothes white? Do you know others? Feel free to add them to our comments section.

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