Trends in Sunglasses for Spring – Summer 2015

The recommendation of the experts is to use Sunglasses throughout the year, we will filter the existing UV rays throughout the year, among other advantages; but let’s be honest, we all use them when the “hot weather” starts and the heat gets hotter. For this reason, and before the sunny days begin, I want to give you the trends in Sunglasses for Spring – Summer 2015 that you can now combine with the best spring 2015 fashion. Put on your Glasses!

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Sunglasses trends for Spring – Summer 2015

Today we will review the models of Sunglasses that have become the trend accessory this spring-summer, promising to have an exorbitant success this spring-summer 2014, although some of them already took a lot last year.

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As we said in an article from a while ago, mirrored glasses have become the main trend for this spring-summer. The special feature of this model of glasses is that they have mirrored lenses, they reflect everything, and they are colored. But they continue with the same frame design as their predecessors.

For what I am able to bet a whole month’s salary that this spring – summer we will see ourselves reflected in more than one lens, and with glasses where retro-style frames predominate. There go the trends!

Sunglasses have become one of the essential fashion accessories for both men and women and at any time of the year, although it is in spring-summer when we are unable to go out without them. In addition, the trends are so many, and so varied, that surely it will be difficult for you to opt for a single model, so to start selecting nothing, start to see the latest seasonal trends that we see below.

Hawkers sunglasses, the most fashionable for spring summer 2015

We want to add before seeing the rest of the trends that you are seeing, the Hawkers signature model is one of the best sellers for the spring 2015 season. This is a Spanish brand but it is sweeping the United States, where celebrities such as Usher or Mark Zuckerberg wear them and what’s more they are sponsors of the Los Angeles Lakers, that’s nothing. The best? Apart from its design, its price since its models do not usually exceed 45 euros.

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Wooden sunglasses

Mirrored lenses

Ray Ban Aviator Classic

Luxury Gold Frame Sunglasses

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The model for the most chic who are not concerned about price at all without looking for class and style. These glasses are quite dark in the lenses, which offer us good protection and are ideal to wear in these events in which we want to look great.

Super Retro Style Glasses

This is a style of glasses for the most daring, for those men who are not afraid to try new things and who seek style and elegance in all their accessories. The design of this model of glasses means that it can be combined with all kinds of clothing, whether sports or dress, which is an ideal model for the most versatile men.

David Hasselhoff Style Race in the Fantasy Car

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This is a model with quite clear crystals, which is not very useful for protection if you are going to be very exposed to the sun. Of course, they are wonderful to go out with friends, go to the beach for a walk, etc.

Ray Ban and its range of Hollywood glasses: Wayfarer

If there is something that we should highlight about this brand, it is that the models are very varied and the prices are quite affordable. Although they are somewhat more expensive glasses than other brands, we must also be clear that Ray-Bay allow us to change the lenses without having to change all the glasses, which in the long run saves you a lot of money.

Sunglasses trends for autumn winter 2015-2016

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The truth is that the autumn-winter season does not bring us much news in terms of trends, but it does bring us news in terms of the different models that designers offer us.

One of the brands where you will find the greatest variety of models is Ray-Bay, so whatever the shape of your face, you know where to look to find a wide variety of models and choose the one that suits you best. better go with you Anyway, do you know how important sunglasses are for health? Let’s talk about it.

Be careful with the sun

Since always, but lately much more, emphasis has been placed on the fact that we must protect ourselves from the sun and that it can bring the most unpleasant consequences for our health in general and, in this case, on the eyes and on the skin of the face, which is why we should always wear sunglasses if we must be exposed to the sun. As for the snow, we must say that it reflects the sun’s rays, so the area to be affected is much larger and, therefore, ski goggles are usually larger than sun goggles, although this difference is becoming less and less visible. . What you should be clear about when choosing your sunglasses is that they must occupy all the eyes and part of the surrounding skin, so that you can avoid melanomas in this complicated area.

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What should you take into account when choosing your sunglasses?

If you are not sure which style of sunglasses best suits your face and your way of being, we are going to give you a few tips so you can choose the right sunglasses model for you:

  • Round and thin faces: if your face has a round shape and your features are thin, it is best to look for round-rimmed glasses that help you further outline your features. In any case, if what you want is that your features are more emphasized, you should opt for cobra-type glasses. Rimless glasses are also ideal for men with this face shape.
  • Faces with very marked features; Without a doubt, your glasses are the ones that have a more square shape and that are large. On the contrary, if what you want is for your marked features to be hidden, you should opt for rounded glasses that are large.
  • Faces with a large nose: if we have a large nose, we should look for glasses that have a large and wide frame, so that the nose is not what is most visible. In this way, glasses as a complement will gain relevance and we will be able to hide the size of the nose.

We must also take into account that the lenses and colors of the frames are also important when choosing the ones that suit us best. In this sense, we can say the following:

  • Glasses with very dark lenses and with a dark frame: they are ideal for people who are highly exposed to the Sun as well as for skiers, since the protection factor is usually higher. In this case, we are going to have to choose large glasses in order to protect as much skin as possible. These glasses look great on men who tend to have long hair and have rather brown skin.
  • Blue, colored lenses and frames in various colors: these models are suitable for men who like to be fashionable and who always carry their glasses with them, but not for protection, but as a complement. These glasses are perfect with almost any look and can be worn by men with fair or dark skin, as well as long or short hair. They are the glasses that fit almost everyone.
  • Glasses with clear frames and clear lenses: just like colored glasses, glasses with very clear lenses will not protect us from the sun, so it is necessary that we wear them with caution and always as a complement. If we are going to be very exposed to the Sun it is better that we look for other glasses that protect us more. These types of glasses usually look good on men who have very light skin, since it does not strictly break with their skin tone as it would happen if we used very dark glasses.

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And now, if you want to see more styles, we leave you with a most complete photo gallery so you can see all the models of glasses you have this season.

Gallery of trend models 2015

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