The trends in sunglasses for 2014: Mirrored lenses

Although spring has already arrived, the truth is is that it is recommended to use sunglasses throughout the year. We will filter UV rays, avoid glare and reduce the possibility of cataracts. Today I want to show you what the sunglasses trends are for this summer of 2014. How lucky we are to live in a country with many hours of sunshine!

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Today I want to review the models of glasses that are becoming the most famous and in a visual trend, which promises to be a big success this summer 2013. The special feature of this model of glasses is that they have mirrored and colored lenses, and not in their mount designs.

I would bet my salary that this summer we will see ourselves reflected in the mirrored lenses of the sunglasses. Where retro frames come back with great force to stay. Shall we start with the review?

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Ray Ban’s reinvention of its aviator model

Ray Ban aviator model RB3449, came out a couple of years ago, but it is beginning to have an increase in success. Inspired by the mythical aviator glasses that have the lenses mounted in the air. They have reinforced their golden rods by increasing their thickness. A real beauty and one of the best bets for this summer.

Oakley opts for a more casual and sporty design

Oakley has always stood out for offering the customer the highest quality lenses for outdoor sports. As it can be in snowboarding or cycling, treating these glasses as authentic relics.

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In recent years, they have been bringing to light models that have screwed up in the motor world (Moto GP and Formula 1), wearing this model of glasses by the world champions: Jorge Lorenzo and Fernando Alonso. It has pasta models, like the first, and metal, like the second, in a casual style with mirrored crystals in various shades.

Continuous career in the same line

Several years ago, the Carrera firm had a real sales success with its Champion model. The Italian firm returns to the fray with the Wayfarer-inspired model that they presented last year, the Carrera 6000 model.

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Police are not far behind

With an ambassador of guarantees such as David Bustamante, Police presents its most famous models with blue lenses, applying the aforementioned mirror treatment. You can see it in the following video.

And you, which one do you prefer?

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