The t-shirts with exclusive designs

On Friday some very original t-shirts arrived at the Blogsfarm office. The Roat brand sent the editors several models of t-shirts for boys and girls, with original designs, and that are very fun as well as comfortable. You have many models on their website and physical stores, which can be expanded monthly and can be in two colors, black and white.

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Next we will show you some of the models of the t-shirt and how you can get the models of the Roat brand.

On Friday, a package arrived at the newsroom with T-shirts for Blogsfarm editors. These t-shirts, in particular, are from the Roat brand, and you can find it on its official website You also have 4 physical stores so you can go buy them if Internet shopping isn’t your thing.

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Each month it will update the shirts, bringing a new model to the market

You have many models available, both for men and women, in two colors, black and white, they are also of very good quality, since they are not the typical t-shirts that get damaged after two washes. So in terms of price-quality it is excellent. In addition, you will have a new model of t-shirt every month.

What is Roat?

Roat is a company that makes conceptual t-shirts, and which are created by a designer, Victor Briones, with the aim of showing us, through images embodied in the t-shirts, his own vision of life. For what stands out from the rest for being a brand that seeks exclusivity, the different and the unique.

How can you get a T-shirt?

Visit their website ( to get a t-shirt model among many of their t-shirts. You can also get them in physical stores since there are 4 stores that have Roat t-shirts. There are two stores in Galicia and another two in the center of Madrid.

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