David Bowie’s style: Eccentricities and aesthetic excesses

In the year 72, David Bowie not only changed the way of interpreting and seeing rock, but also that this chameleonic British singer, imbued with the psychedelic sounds of the time, reinvented the aesthetics of rock, a genre that has been characterized by breaking with the forms and order of the already established. Today in Fashion Them, David Bowie’s style.

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And it is that lovers of rock music are in luck, since David Bowie will present his new album after 10 years of “rest” in music, only seeing him as an actor in films like Zoolander or in small contributions for the small screen. But today I don’t want to talk about their music, for that we have our colleagues from Espacio Música, but this time we will focus on their most rock and striking looks. We begin.

Following in the footsteps of his partner and friend Peter Gabriel, David opted for theatricality in his makeup, with the aim of playing with androgyny that exploited that sexual ambiguity that so passionately fascinated fans of the 70s and that continues to hallucinate to this day. to the most enthusiastic of this London rocker, who made the “dandy look” his own, making it extreme and totally his, as you can see in his song Life on Mars? in 1971.

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David Bowie-Life on Mars? in 1971

David Bowie continued to break with the norm of good dress that was typical of the English gentleman, to create his own style that marked a milestone in the 70s. American jackets or blazers with lines with geometric shoulders, the vest and always the tight skinny pants, were his ABC in his clothing that the singer managed to accentuate with the abuse of texture and color.

An image would put him in the shoes of a bisexual alien that he referenced in his incredible album Ziggy Stardust, which has become a true Rock masterpiece along with other works that have been reflected by Rolling Stone magazine.

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All the eccentricities and all the aesthetic excesses of this controversial artist were not the consequences of a fashion or whim of the time, but rather the result of a concept created by himself and that strengthened it so that fashion was not a mere instrument of the image, but rather that it was a complement to the music.

What did you think of this type of fashion? Do you think that, since fashion is cyclical, this type of outfit will be seen on stage again?

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