The Nike classics that are going to succeed next winter

A point has come in the sale of sneakers that retro models and vintage are more successful than new releases. Designs from more than 40 years ago are still in fashion and sweeping men of all ages. Logical, because Nike’s design line is spectacular. Of course, to be up to date, with the models from years ago, we tell you which are the Nike classics that are going to succeed next winter

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The Nike classics that will succeed next winter

There are those who have kept their Nikes from the late 80s like gold in cloth and now they can wear them with pride and trend. Of course, we recommend, for your health, that you take a look at the Nike classics that are going to succeed next winter, since they are the same shoes, but 30-40 years younger. Your feet will thank you.

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In fact, if in addition to Nike you want to take a look at other brands, they are also sweeping, as they have been doing for decades, these New Balance bestsellers that are trending. Of course, what concerns us now are the Nike classics that are going to succeed next winter. Take note.

Nike Air Jordan

Jordan Brand has made Michael Jordan one of the richest men in the world. And he has done it, establishing his empire on the Nike Air Jordan, the first model that Nike designed for him and that has been a trend for years. Now, thanks to the Netflix documentary ‘The Last Dance’, its popularity has skyrocketed to levels never seen before.

Based on the most classic Nike Air Jordan, you have a whole line of catalog to choose colors, designs, collaborations with other artists, annual reinterpretations and, of course, resale with prohibitive prices. It is said soon but, to this day, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, a model from 1985, is among the best-selling shoes in the world.

Nike Air Max

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Although they became popular in the 90s, the Nike Air Max is a model that was launched on the market in 1987. A revolutionary model as it was the first to expose the internal air chamber that served as cushioning Nike shoes. Without a doubt, one of the best ideas anyone in the North American company has ever had.

Curiously, in that 1987, the Nike Air Max were futuristic and groundbreaking sneakers. Almost 25 years later, they still are. Of course, Nike takes care of renewing and updating them year after year, adapting them to current trends, but without losing the spirit of yesteryear. The one who fell in love with the bakala generation.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater

With environmental commitment as the flag, the Nike Air Force 1 Crater introduces 20% recycled material in each pair of sneakers. A model that is future in its purest form, with a seventies design. A groundbreaking translucent toe, Nike Grind rubber on the outsole, with its recognizable star pattern on the toe, and Crater Foam midsole. A true revolution that is sweeping sales all over the world.

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Nike Air Presto

Elegant, discreet and comfortable like few models. The Nike Air Presto is the typical Nike model that everyone has or has had but that continues to sell and will continue to do so until the 22nd century. Available in all imaginable colors, its design evokes speed, hand in hand with an elastic cover that fits the foot like a sock. The smooth, streamlined feel is perfect for indescribable comfort.

Air Jordan 5 Moonlight

The Nike Air Jordan 5 Moonlight hit the market in September, with pre-sale collapsed and tremendous hype. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Michael Jordan retired from basketball in April 2003. His shoes, to this day, continue to be an event with each release.

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In this case, the inspiration in heaven is undeniable. Black suede, with a white sole and purple touches that evoke the midnight sky. The translucent sole is a tribute to the original Air Jordan 5, the first to take a chance on such a sole.

Nike Air Zoom

To this day, launching a Nike model for basketball and that it is not an eighties inspiration, seems to be a crime. The Nike Air Zoom G. T. prove it once again, with a special design for explosive players. Double Zoom Air cushioning, double layer of ultra-light Nike React foam, with special support on the ankles and heel.

A model with the latest technology combined with a classic design that, let’s be clear, is quite reminiscent of Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy.

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Nike PG 5

Paul George is on his way to joining the club of great NBA players without a ring, but with his own line of shoes. The Nike PG 5 follows the line of the brand’s latest NBA releases, colorful models, low-tops inspired by the Nikes of the 90s, in the Pegasus style.

In this case, flexibility and total cushioning are sought, thanks to Nike Air Strobel, and a comfort that gives the sensation of going barefoot. If you play basketball, you’ll see a lot of your opponents in the Nike PG 5.

Lebron 8 x Space Jam: A New Legacy and Lebron 18 Low ‘Wile E. vs. Roadrunner’

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Yes, the sequel to ‘Space Jam’ is bad as itself, but it has given the world two models of the spectacular Lebron James series. The first, the Lebron 8 x Space Jam: A New Legacy are 90s boots, Reebok the Pump style, in black and orange tones, with the King James logo and a soft touch like few others.

Meanwhile, the Lebron 18 Low ‘Wile E. vs Roadrunner’ seems to evoke the original 1996 film, with the added bonus of each being a different color. Light and with reactive cushioning, they are presented with drawings of Wile E. in one of them and the Road Runner in another. Essential.

Nike Off-White x Nike Dunk Low

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When Off-White and Nike come together, all that remains is to celebrate and applaud the result. In this case, they have done so with 50 reissues of the Nike Dunk Low, one of the first models designed by Nike, back in the early 70s. A design that has been perpetuated to become an icon that returns with 50 models different, with varied colors and an impossible decision: choose just one.

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