The New Balance bestsellers that are trending

If there is a sneaker brand that remains at the height of trends, it is New Balance. We can find all kinds of shoes depending on the occasion, from sporty to formal looks but with a casual style that succeeds wherever it goes. We show you the New Balance bestsellers that are trending.

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New Balance has become one of the leading brands in the world of sneakers, both for sports enthusiasts and those looking for casual but comfortable footwear, with style, to combine on a daily basis.

The selection of sneakers that we show you below are, literally, the New Balance bestsellers that are officially announced. Without a doubt, as you will be able to see for yourselves, one of the great bets is to opt for this brand to run or go to the gym, although we already have the most classic model of the firm in second place.

The best? We have shared a specific color for each of the series of these models but you have a multitude of different colors for the same type of footwear, without varying in technology or detail, which will allow you to find footwear that fits your style. , to your clothes and to every moment of your day to day. Likewise, you can also easily find the women’s or unisex version of these shoes.

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Fresh Foam Iron v6

This shoe is a model designed for running, with a lightweight Fresh Foam midsole that cushions your footprint even on uneven ground. The Vibram® sole provides traction and durability, as well as toecap protection and perforations to give the foot the necessary breathability.

574 for a casual look

The 574 model is a shoe with classic lines, maintaining its legacy from the 80s. It is ideal for any informal look, combining perfectly with a multitude of colors and items of clothing. If we look at the manufacturing details, we find a shoe made of chrome-free suede and TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric, with an ENCAP midsole that favors cushioning and, therefore, comfort with each step.

Fresh Foam Roav v2

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A shoe designed so that you can exercise comfortably, whether in the gym or on the street, or for all those who enjoy a slightly more sporty look. Be that as you are, it is a shoe created to offer performance, providing comfort, boost to your footprint, breathable, with a cushioned footprint and pads on the sole for running long distances.


Once again, we find ourselves with a shoe designed for running but, this time, we have before us a daring design that immediately captures the attention. Of course, they tell us that it is a type of sole that, in addition to giving you reliability, generates the sensation that you are going at great speed thanks to its aerodynamic design with a double jacquard toecap. Like all, it is a breathable shoe.

Fresh Foam 880

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A shoe that has the latest technology to offer the best cushioning on the tread. A reliable ride, with a lightweight Hypoknit mesh upper that gives the foot a comfortable, easy and secure fit. The Fresh Foam design provides an efficient and ultra-cushioned tread.

Fresh Foam 860

The Fresh Foam 860 shoe is one of the bestseller shoes for its perfect combination of technical cushioning with a classic NB support. It is a lightweight shoe, with good cushioning, a stable footprint and a technical upper that creates the feeling that it is a custom-made shoe.

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