The most original cufflinks for your summer celebrations

We love the good weather that comes in summer. However, the children and couples in our circle of friends and family decide to get married or make their First Communion. We have to decide what to wear for these celebrations and today we have to talk about cufflinks for men.

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The typical celebrations of the month of May, weddings and communions, are approaching, and it is time to dress elegantly. A very common mistake that happens to men who dress casually every day is not taking care of small details.

All those who, like me, have to go to an event or spring celebration already know how outdated the “dress-code” has become. The limitations when it comes to dressing, especially in our case, increase more than in any normal event and there are many who do not dare to leave the jacket in dark tones for the night and vice versa.

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Starting with a handkerchief adorning our jacket (make it silk), a matching tie and ending with something that we rarely take out of its box: cufflinks.

The twins are ageless and are necessary in the men’s locker room. These bring a touch of elegance and distinction to the outfit that we have chosen in which the shirt is the main protagonist. The twins will make us different from the rest of those present, without giving our relatives a “patatus” if we show up with a fuchsia blazer.

Vintage López-Linares has some models in silver, with very modern designs that are ideal for shirts with a white background that have a checkered or striped print, such as these silver Angel Cufflinks and marcasite Art Deco Collection.

Or these silver-mounted cufflinks Clock Cufflinks from the Art Deco Collection, with a more modern air and which have been made from the inside of an old clock.

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Both models of cufflinks and others can be found in their online store. Also, if you want to be aware of all his releases, creations and recommendations on decoration, music or cinema, I recommend that you follow his Google Plus.

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