The most handsome athletes in the world

They are rich, they are famous and, to top it off, they are tremendously attractive. They have it all and half the world loves them for it. Now, who are the most handsome athletes in the world? This is our selection.

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Photo: @marcoasensio10

The most handsome athletes in the world

Among the most handsome athletes in the world we find from soccer players, to basketball players, through the NFL. Obviously, it is a subjective list because for tastes, colors, and for handsome, athletes.

The most handsome athletes in the world | David Beckham (United Kingdom, 1975)

Yes, he has been retired for years but, to this day, no athlete comes close to the beauty, elegance and education of David Beckham. He does not have a bad photo, he does not have a bad gesture and he is overflowing with beauty even drinking water. Not to mention that, despite his age, he is there to play a game when necessary. David Beckham was a game changer when it came to marketing and that puts him at the top of this list.

The most handsome athletes in the world | Jimmy Garoppolo (USA, 1991)

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has the perfect boyfriend look for your daughter. The protagonist of the Antena 3 desktop movie that will give you 5 wonderful children. On top of that, he’s one of the stars in the NFL, which means he also has money to support several generations.

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The most handsome athletes in the world | Marco Asensio (Spain, 1996)

The Majorcan footballer has a tronista plant that throws his back. Manual handsome, no one would miss seeing him in a Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren or Abercrombie catalogue. If we add to this that he always has a perfect tan, we have the son-in-law that every mother looks for her daughter. Marco Asensio is very handsome.

The most handsome athletes in the world | Stephen Curry (USA, 1988)

The Golden State Warriors point guard is ready to enter the top 10 NBA players in history. Now, in the handsome ranking, he would already be in the top 5. His transparent blue eyes are a rare sight in the NBA and at the marketing level, he has exploited them like no one else. Be careful because his wife, Ayesha Curry also shares an essential eye color. The progeny of this couple are going to dominate the beauty world in just over 10 years.

The most handsome athletes in the world | Robert Lewandowski (Poland, 1988)

The best Polish soccer player in history is a goal-scoring machine, but also steals hearts with his dances on TikTok. He is handsome, he knows it and he exploits it. Always with a smile on her face, her blue eyes are one of the most sought after on social networks. Robert Lewandowski has more million fans than career goals and that’s a lot of fans.

The most handsome athletes in the world | Cooper Kupp (USA, 1993)

Cooper Kupp’s eyes should be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Los Angeles Rams star is a wide receiver who captures more hearts than balls. Millions of men and women sigh for this muscular and handsome North American. Of course, much better without a beard.

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