The most elegant men in the world

Taking references from the world of fashion, year after year those who are considered The Most Elegant Men in the World are chosen, and in This time we will focus on the choice that GQ Magazine has had, which is undoubtedly a publication that knows elegance, inviting popular celebrities such as Zac Efron for its covers, and year after year preparing a selection according to a style.

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In the 2009 edition, who had been chosen as the most elegant man was the musician, actor and dancer Justin Timberlake, praised for being the one who best dresses, taking as a reference different celebrities from the world of music, acting and other personalities who walk around Hollywood.

Then we leave you some examples that those men who stand out mainly for their elegance:

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Bradley Cooper

The style of this American actor is marked by much more relaxed elegance and not so strictly formal, so he can be seen combining from a sophisticated suit combined with a vest to something more informal, with Converse shoes, although his style he is faultless, which has earned him the choice to star as the flirtatious Faz in the movie Los Magníficos.

Joseph Fiennes

Another of those chosen as the most elegant, the British actor starring in the remembered Passionate Shakespeare (along with Gwyneth Paltrow) usually makes his public appearances dressed in a very elegant and classic suit with a white shirt, alternating appearances with leather jackets or jackets , combined with hats or berets of the same material.

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Robert Downey Jr.

One of those with the greatest presence in GQ Magazine, chosen for its covers as well as for different campaigns, all due to its extreme elegance, having main interference in its combination of fashion accessories, which generally go unnoticed (and is well so be it)

He usually makes his public appearances showing off with tailored jackets, fine ties using very elegant suits also made exclusively for this leading actor of Iron Man, the man of steel, and all the films related to the billionaire businessman Tony Stark.

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Roger Federer

Although most will surely have images of the Swiss tennis player only on the playing field, the truth is that off the playing fields he has a more than elegant facet, always showing himself impeccable, with tailored suits and white shirts, with equally stylish ties.

Appeals for a discreet and rather natural look, with a preference for comfortable cotton garments, although in more formal moments he opts for suits, always looking relaxed.

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