The most complete review of Dalire’s sulfate-free solid shampoo

I’ve been trying solid shampoos for several years, even buying them outside of Spain . With ease, I’ve tried over 20 since I started with this format, leaving some behind after just one wash. Luckily for several weeks, I have found the perfect producer for me. I speak from personal and highly satisfactory experience to make the most comprehensive review of Dalire’s sulfate-free solid shampoo

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The most complete review of Dalire’s sulfate-free solid shampoo

For work reasons, I take planes every week. Sometimes several on the same day, which implies spending long periods of time away from home. For a long time, I ruled out the option of taking a liquid shampoo with me on every trip. Due to weight and comfort, in addition to the fact that one day it opened inside the suitcase, on a 9-hour trip and I had to throw out all my clothes. Solid shampoo was the solution, but it wasn’t until recently that I found what I was looking for. This is the most complete review of Dalire’s solid sulfate-free shampoo

As I have already commented, it is a personal opinion but I think it applies to a lot of people. I shower daily, even if I don’t need to, and I wash my hair every time I shower, for this reason, I don’t mind paying up to 100 euros for a shampoo, if I know it will work. By the way, the one for 100 euros was worth 99 euros more than what his results showed. In fact, both the best shampoos, as well as hair products, as well as trendy looks, as well as everything a man needs, can be found at Modaellos.

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The solid shampoo boom allowed me to discover a format that I had never imagined, much less tried. For months I have tried the best solid shampoos on the market. Each and every one of them. In several of its options, colors, formats and prices. And I couldn’t find the right one.

That if dry hair, that greasy hair, that if no foam, that if disgusting smell. In the end, it is a matter of trying until you find the right one for you. In my case, the award came after trying more than twenty options, hand in hand with Dalire’s sulfate-free solid shampoo. Has it been worth all this way to get to Dalire’s sulfate-free solid shampoo? Of course.

Right now, I have a very precise basis to compare with many other products, I know what my hair needs, what doesn’t suit it and, more specifically, what I want for my hair. Maybe if I had tried Dalire’s Sulfate-Free Solid Shampoo the first time, I would have kept looking, thinking there was something better. The truth is that, to this day, I can make the most complete review of Dalire’s solid sulfate-free shampoo with knowledge of the facts and the certainty that it will accompany me for years.

Why solid shampoo without sulfates from Dalire?

My closest friends and family knew the search situation I was in. Obviously, I have brought you up to date with the arrival of Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo in my life. They have all asked me the same question, why Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo? Well, everyone except my sister, who uses Dalire’s Nourishing Sulfate-Free Shampoo and was the one who recommended the brand’s Sulfate-Free Solid Shampoo option.

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The answer to the question could not be simpler. Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo has given my hair a life back that I didn’t even think it had. Not only does it shine brighter than ever, but it hardly falls off and, on the days that I take longer to shower, for whatever reason, I notice that it stays clean as if I had just washed it. It’s spectacular.

And all in a format that looks like a bar of soap and with which people continue to hallucinate. A format that, in addition to being more economical, since solid shampoos last the equivalent of three common shampoo bottles, is efficient with the environment. And, to begin with, we avoid the use of plastic bottles.

On the other hand, the Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo is suitable for all types of hair. I have medium straight hair, Tom Cruise style in ‘The Last Samurai’, but my partner, who has long curly hair, has tried it and loved it. To the point that he is also using it.

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Obviously, my sister has tried it too and has joined the Dalire Sulfate Free Solid Shampoo club, but only temporarily. She also has dyed and very fine hair, so any shampoo is not worth it, because her hair breaks immediately. Well, she is delighted, although she will remain faithful to Dalire’s nourishing sulfate-free shampoo. Of course, on vacation, he takes his Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo bar in his suitcase.

Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo ingredients

The key to its effectiveness lies in the ingredients of the Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo. We are talking about a product made with 100% natural ingredients. That is, without sulfates, but also without parabens, dyes, silicones, and with the addition of being ph neutral, so it is suitable for all types of hair and skin.

  • Macadamia and Karité – Vegetable regenerators of the epidermis that, in addition, do a deep cleaning of the hair, while protecting the scalp.
  • Aloe Vera – The reason why my hair breaks less is aloe vera, which gives it an elasticity that I thought was lost.
  • Avocado – Avocado helps my hair shine throughout the day like it was freshly washed.
  • Coconut oil – Protects the hair and leaves it nourished and clean

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Now that I’ve told you all about Dalire sulfate-free solid shampoo, you just need to know how to use it. In the end, we are not used to using a shampoo bar but it is easier than it seems.

  • Wet – Pour plenty of water on the tablet to generate foam with it
  • Apply – Pass the tablet through your hair until you notice that foam begins to come out. With the passing of the washes, you will adjust the amount you need
  • Leave in – Let Dalire Sulfate-Free Solid Shampoo work on your hair for 4 minutes, while you wash the rest of your body
  • Rinse – To remove the shampoo, do it with lukewarm water, the cooler the better.

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