The men’s fashion of the 50s

The men’s fashion of the 50s is back hitting hard, so in this post we will explain what this type of fashion was like and What were its main elements? Retro is becoming more and more fashionable!

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The most current fashion of the 50s

We know that many of you are lovers of retro and vintage, and that the 50s are one of your favorite times, so you are in luck because it is no longer a secret that men’s fashion from the 50s returns as trend stronger than ever.

Men’s fashion is back more comfortable and elegant than ever thanks to the influence of the 50s style. In a season in which “sportwear” was born as a very valid option to dress, but in its much more “smart” facet, sports shoes are beginning to hit the streets but with much simpler shapes and softer colors that are a little more reminiscent of moccasins than running shoes.

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Cardigans complete the looks, bow ties are back in fashion this season to the detriment of ties and college reminiscences reappear, something already forgotten by many of us. In this style there is also room for bad boys and rebels. We are once again inspired by rocker fashion, since this could not be missing if we look back to the middle of the 20th century. Looks like in the movie “Grease” in men, it will not be unusual to start seeing them while we walk through our city.

Luxury sportlife

In the 50s, the man suffered a liberation of the suit, contributing the jacket, at least in his moments of leisure. It was a time in which comfort began to take precedence over formality, however, it did not do so over elegance. The 50s are back, which is why we are currently faced with a sophisticated sportwear whose maxims are in the use of deluxe sports shoes and college inspiration. Today we can recreate ourselves in this look with garments such as V-neck sweaters, or cardigans.

The sneakers ooze elegance on all four sides. This shoe lacks any air chamber or sports detail, so they seem more adapted for walking than for running. Colors that are not strident or flashy are the essential details to wear this luxury sportswear. The typical leather shoes of the 50s are also back in fashion. These are Oxford-type shoes, generally in two colors, black and white

In addition, Bermuda shorts are back in fashion, with basic colors such as white or black, which add a touch of class and elegance to our outfit. For example, we can be inspired by a look such as Bermuda shorts, a white shirt and an elegant but very comfortable and fun checkered vest. Also, if you want to go 50s fashion, you can combine the shorts with a Hawaiian-style shirt, very fashionable at the time.

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Suit Sophistication

For suits, elegance returns. Since it was a time when men were much more elegant, a trend marked above all by the cinema and the influence of the great Hollywood stars. We also say goodbye to the tie, which is replaced by the already forgotten bow tie, which we can use for the most festive moments and outstanding occasions. With marine inspiration, a trend that is strong for this season, and can also be seen in the suit.

In short, a very elegant fashion as well as comfortable, so as not to clash on any occasion. Going back to the men’s fashion of the 50s, the fact that all fashions are cyclical is fulfilled.

More tips for dressing in the fashion of the 50s

There is also another series of tips that you should follow if you want to follow the fashion of the 50s. First of all, forget about the hat. It was a widely used accessory in previous decades, especially in the heyday of gangsters. However, during the 50s the use of the hat stopped being so widespread (contrary to what many believe) since more and more men owned cars and the hat was uncomfortable when driving.

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Another piece of advice is to bet on tight tailored suits, which were very fashionable at that time. The usual thing was to wear narrow-legged pants, which were usually combined with white shirts and a plain tie, also narrow.

On the other hand, if you really want to go according to the style of the 50s, you should also take into account other factors for your look, for example the hairstyle. The most common haircut of the time was the so-called post-military, generally dressed with an Elvis-style toupee. Now that toupees are more in style than ever, it’s no wonder that 1950s style is also trending.

Also, one of the best tips we can give you to get ideas is to look for all kinds of information related to the 50s. It is a relatively recent era and it has a lot of information and examples to draw from, even from the cinema. Choose some figures from the Hollywood star system of the time, look at their movies and other photos of them to find out what the fashion of those years was like. And by the way, I’m sure you’ll see some good cinema and not like what’s being done now.

To finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

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In the following video you can see a very interesting overview of the last 100 years of men’s fashion:

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