The look of Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa, an actor who has risen to fame lately thanks to his role in the Game of Thrones television series and his portrayal of Aquaman, the King of the oceans within the DC movie world, he is a person who is very attractive and striking, not only because of his muscular appearance and his great height, but also because of his style and look.

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Next, you will be able to see all the styles and all the looks used by the Hawaiian giant Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa’s look: short hair

This style is from his first appearances on television, in the “Baywatch” series. In this series, we could barely recognize them or identify them by the name they currently are.

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In the photo she appears with the typical red swimsuit that she used to wear in the series. However, although he is quite young, you can already see the highly developed musculature that he will show off years later and his hair, which despite being quite short, you can already see the curls.

Jason Momoa’s look: braids

This hairstyle is one of the least known and least seen on Jason Momoa. The actor, during the recording for “Game of Thrones”, used to wear braids, which did not look bad with his Hawaiian style.

But his appearance during the filming of the series was very different. Jason played a very strong fighter and warrior in the series, so his appearance had to look more aggressive, and with his hair up and a longer beard, he looks perfectly like that.

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Jason Momoa’s look: loose hair

This is the actor’s most recognizable hairstyle and appearance. Although the length of the hair and beard changes, it is always easy to recognize. On many occasions, he collects his hair or hides it under a hat, but the most common thing is to see him with his hair loose and long, as he usually looks in Aquaman.

Jason Momoa’s look: no beard

The beard is one of the things that gives a man the most personality and in the case of Jason Momoa it was not going to be different, that is why it is so common to see him with a beard. However, on some occasions we have been able to see it without it, on very few occasions, that is why it can become strange and it is difficult for you to recognize it.

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Jason Momoa’s look: basics

If we refer to his clothing, Jason Momoa is a fairly simple and practical man. We can see him with white, dark brown or light-toned shirts.

But you can’t always dress short, for those occasions, Jason always tends to opt for a leather jacket. A classic that always triumphs, and that can’t hurt a man of his stature. When it’s cold it’s also quite normal to see him in high boots, giving more identity to his rude man style.

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Jason Momoa’s look: accessories

Although many people may be surprised by his tough look, Jason Momoa likes to dress up with a lot of accessories. We can see the Hawaiian actor with leather bracelets, discreet pendants and large rings.

If you want to be attentive to the possible changes in the look of Jason Momoa or other actors, you just have to be attentive to

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