The keys to choose the color of your suit

Whoever thinks that suits are reduced to black tones and little else, are in serious error . The color code of the suits is becoming wider, to celebrate those who wear them daily. For them, precisely, we are going to review the keys to choose the color of your suit

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The keys to choose the color of your suit

The keys to choosing the color of your suit come to demonstrate that the range of colors is there to use it. Not everything always has to be the same suit, changing the shirt and tie. Enough of the monotony. With the keys to choose the color of your suit, you will open the doors of elegance wide open.

Keys to choose the color of your suit: Blue

For better or for worse, the blue color is the one that abounds in the closets of those who wear suits on a daily basis. It’s a mistake? Not much less. The mistake is always repeating the same formula. In fact, you can have a dozen blue suits and each one has its nuance, its tone, its personal touch. Blue has endless possibilities, let’s not limit them to one or two.

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How do you know when to wear a blue suit and what color to use it? Is easier than it looks like. It is enough that we look at the light of day itself. Thus, to use in the morning we can wear the lightest and most striking blues. As the day progresses and night approaches, we will have to opt for the darkest shades of blue. Normally, for more formal and elegant events.

Another option to avoid mistakes is to wear dark blue suits during the winter season. Thus, we save the most striking blues to start using them when spring arrives. With these keys to choose the blue suit and not fail in the attempt.

If you like accessories, the navy blue suit is your choice. The color is very easy to combine and very versatile. Take the opportunity to combine it with all kinds of shirts, but also with the most striking ties or handkerchiefs.

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Keys to choose the color of your suit: Gray

The first of the keys to choose the color of your suit in gray, is to have courage for it. The funny thing is that a gray suit is the perfect alternative to a blue suit but, in general, more formal. That said, gray also allows us a wide variety of colors and alternatives. From charcoal grey, a classic for suits, to ash grey, the options are many and varied. Of course, we must control the tones that are too light.

And it is that light gray suits are a risky bet that, if you don’t know how to wear it, it will go wrong. Basically, the dark gray tones are indicated for the most formal occasions. Light tones, for more casual and casual moments.

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In this case, the keys to choosing the color of your suit in gray begin with the charcoal gray that we recommend for the autumn and winter seasons. You can even rush the first days of spring. As the year progresses towards summer, switch to lighter greys. The reality is that gray suits are ideally eligible for evening events that do not require etiquette. Just what you need.

Keys to choose the color of your suit: Black

The black suit has gone from being the norm for 90% of men, to being rejected by the world of men’s fashion. One thing or another. It is enough to know the keys to choose the color of your black suit. Even to go with him to the office.

The key to succeed with a black suit is to control the additional elements to the color. For example, when it comes to shine, it is almost better to avoid too bright suits and opt for a more formal and elegant matte tone. On the other hand, the flaps can be a differentiated element if we know how to take advantage of it. Why wear notch lapels, if you can wear spearhead and look different to everyone?

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Another element that we can highlight are the closures. If we opt for a double-breasted closure, we will give the black suit a contemporary and modern groundbreaking point. The same as if we want to add some complement to the look so as not to focus all the attention on the black suit. The most common, the tie. What do you think if we leave the thin tie for 2012 and opt for a slightly more colorful wide silk one?

Despite what it may seem, the black suit is not a wardrobe essential. In the end, black is difficult to combine and yours is to opt for the other alternatives that we have given you. That said, knowing how to combine it, can be a real revolution. And, curiously, black is the third best-selling color on the market, behind navy blue and charcoal gray, the true kings of the suit world.

Keys to choose the color of your suit: Beige

Why not opt ​​for a beige suit? If you have them in every suit catalog you look at, it will be for a reason. The truth is that in other latitudes, beige suits are common, but in the Old Continent it is still difficult.

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The reason is not knowing the keys to choose your beige suit. A tone that multiplied its boom since Casual Friday was imposed in the United States at work and the beige color began to enter the offices.

In fact, this may be the key to a beige suit, try on Fridays or weekends and see. Why don’t you go out in a suit one weekend? They are especially suitable for summer, since many of them are made of wool, linen or polyester.

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