The irresistible style of heartthrob Patrick Dempsey

About a month ago, Patrick Dempsey, better known as Mc Dreamy or simply as Doctor Derek Shepherd in the series television show Grey’s Anatomy, was the image of the Versace campaign, a matter that we had already mentioned here on the Modaellos blog, but finally we could see the images that also make the gallant look much more irresistible than what is usually the case in the series.

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And it is not for less, who has taken the photos is the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, recognized worldwide.

As is known, Versace and actor Patrick Dempsey have a long working relationship, and the actor has been seen repeatedly with Donatella Versace, as well as at events wearing his Versace, which fit like a glove, and it is that according to Donatella, Dempsey is one of the actors who best dresses in the middle, besides that the Versace style for gentlemen is for men who want to feel like him.

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But if you are a man and you are not very graceful, there is nothing to worry about, because Patrick Dempsey was not all his life the seductive heartthrob we see today. In Patrick Dempsey and his change over the years, we can see the change that Dempsey has undergone and how he has come to become the man of our dreams.

Let’s just hope Patrick Dempsey doesn’t leave Grey’s Anatomy, it would be a huge loss. Here the pictures:

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