The importance of choosing our fragrance well

We know that to look good it is important to know how to dress well, to know what cut or hairstyle is trending and even what is not It’s unnecessary to use some makeup men, but do you ever give importance to the cologne or perfume you use? The importance of choosing our fragrance well can undoubtedly be another element that allows us to get our appearance right, but it will also help us to be able to define part of our style in some way.

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If you want to know how to choose your fragrance and what types exist in this regard or if you can choose it based on your skin type, pay attention because we give you all the keys about it, below.

The importance of choosing our fragrance well

Just like clothes, which we can choose depending on our style and even the season we are in, perfumes must also be chosen and used according to our taste as well as the season.

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In our society, it is customary to give perfumes and fragrances for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but we are not aware that many times, we wear a fragrance that may not be the right one for us and we end up smelling too intense, when in fact it is we’re looking for something softer or cooler.

How do I choose my fragrance?

There is no fragrance that defines each one of us, but there are perfumes, colognes and fragrances in general that have been created with the idea of ​​representing who wears them.

In this way, it is enough to know what we like, if we like the sporty style more, for example, or we like to always wear a suit, and from here also choose our fragrance.

For this we can also take into account the season we are in, and thus, combine a warmer and more intense fragrance in winter and another that is cooler for summer.

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Choose the fragrance based on skin type

It will also be important to know what some skin types do not admit depending on what fragrances, so that depending on how your skin is responding to the fragrance you wear, whether it will last longer, what it will smell perhaps different from another person that you know who wears it, or that unfortunately reacts to you and you see that perhaps it is not the one.

  • If you have oily skin, a light perfume is better since the oiliness of your skin can make any intense fragrance on your skin double. Something soft and cool is better.
  • If you have sensitive skin, do not use perfumes or colognes with a high degree of alcohol as they can cause irritation.
  • If you have dry skin, it is possible that the fragrance dries up sooner and you end up using more perfume. To avoid this (and not have to apply such a concentration of alcohol to the skin), it is better to bet on intense fragrances).

In addition, we also have to be clear about the concepts around fragrances and from here we will know how to choose ours.

Types of fragrances

How come my fragrance only lasts an hour and some of my coworkers last all day? Easy, possibly you are wearing a light eau de cologne and they have opted for the intensity of a good perfume.

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It is important to know what types of fragrances exist:

  • Perfume: Perfumes last longer because they have a higher concentration of essential oil. It is the best choice for winter since it lasts an average of 8 hours, or also for special occasions.
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): It is similar to perfume but with a lower concentration of essence. It can last about 6 hours.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Cologne Water: It has less concentration of essential oil so it lasts less (about three hours), but includes a fresher sensation when we wear it.

Then there are also perfumed products that don’t usually last too long but are refreshing. Among them we can find body lotions, shower gels, and even some after-shave creams.

Once you know what types of fragrances exist, we can now opt for the option that interests us the most, but you should also think about what is mentioned regarding the season or season in which you are. During the winter, choose perfumes that make sure you smell good all day, in summer, it is better to use a cologne or perfume water that is fresher and does not mix so much with the body odor that you emit.

If you choose a perfume above anything else, you must also know how its aroma is distributed. Something that is achieved thanks to the “notes” of aroma, which are distributed as follows.

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The notes of perfumes

  • High notes: They are the first notes that reach us as soon as we apply the perfume. They barely last 30 seconds.
  • Middle notes: They define the type of perfume but are not the essence. Its scent lingers for about two hours.
  • Low notes: These are the notes that we must take into account, since they are the ones that really define the essence of our perfume. They last for hours and even mix with our own smell (hence the same perfume can smell different depending on the person).

If you choose a perfume, always be guided by the low notes. If you like intense perfumes, for example, choose one with notes of wood, its aroma will surely last longer on your skin. On the contrary, if you want something long-lasting but nothing intense, choose low notes that are citrus or fruit, you will see how good you smell all day but without “drowning” anyone in your aroma.

Latest Tips

Do you already know how to choose your fragrance? Also remember that when you go to buy your cologne or perfume it is better not to go perfumed so as not to mix scents or do what many people do, which is try several perfumes at the same time.

On the other hand you must know where to apply your fragrance so that it smells longer. For this, it is key that you apply drops of the fragrance in the areas with pulsation, that is, the neck, wrist, clavicle or behind the knee. You can also blow the fragrance into the air and go through the cloud you created.

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